Advising & Forms



History majors have two advisors:

  • For general advisement, including course planning and registration, history majors are advised by Gerda Zinner at the College of Arts and Sciences’ Hub Student Success Center.
  • For mentorship, including career and graduate school guidance, history majors are advised by a member of the History Department faculty. If you have questions about who your advisor is, please contact department administrator Shelly Dell. 
  • See the graphics below for more information on the relationship between your Hub advisor and your faculty mentor and who to consult when.

For additional advising resources, please visit the CAS Hub and UTC Student Resources and Advisement pages.

For new students who are considering majoring in history and/or who haven't declared a major yet, please contact Stormy SimsJena Doolittle, or Theresa Blackman in the Center for Academic Support and Advisement.  Learn more about Theresa -- and why she thinks history's a great major -- here.

Refer to the Clear Path and Career Map for the history BA for help planning your schedule.




Who Do I Ask?

See the below graphics to understand the relationship between your Hub advisor and your faculty mentor and who to consult when.