Mission Statement

The History Department takes as its core mission the preparation of students to become informed, contributing citizens in a culturally diverse and complex world.  To this end, it challenges students to expand their knowledge and understanding of the significant actors, ideas and events that have shaped their world and its many peoples.  By promoting the exploration of the past and its relationship to the present, the department also seeks to help students develop into more critical readers and thinkers who can analyze their human and natural environments from an historical perspective and communicate their analysis through effective historical writing. 

Research and community service are also vital parts of the department’s activities.  They strengthen awareness of the constantly changing nature of historical knowledge, provide opportunities for engaged learning both inside and outside the academy, and enable the department to show how history matters to the broader community, not least by demonstrating how present-day concerns affect how we think about, explain, and understand the past.


great hall in scottland

James I's Great Hall, Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow, Scotland