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Degree Planning

History majors are required to complete 39 hours of history courses.  For more information, please see the Major Requirements Section.

The BA degree requires the completion of four semesters (two years) of a single foreign language.  For more information, please see the degree and graduation requirements and Modern and Classical Languages Department websites.

UTC students must complete 40-41 hours of general education.  For more information, please see the General Education section and website.

Refer to the Clear Path and Career Map for the history BA for help planning your schedule.


Additional Degree Requirements:

- Complete a minor or a second major in another discipline

- Complete electives to reach 120 hours of coursework

- Complete 39 hours of upper-level coursework

- Make sure that 60 of your credit hours come from a four-year college or university, and that the last 24 hours of coursework are completed at UTC