Career Planning

Given the breadth, adaptability and utility of the Africana Studies minor, employment opportunities range widely for graduates.


Employment sectors include:

  • Government services: Federal, state, and local government jobs in such areas as transportation, housing, agriculture, and labor
  • Business: Advertising, marketing and consumer research, insurance, real estate, personnel work, training, or sales
  • Legal professions: law practice, litigation support, court reporting, legal consulting and administration
  • Publishing, journalism, and public relations: Writing, research, and editing
  • Higher education: Teaching, advising, admissions, alumni relations, or placement offices
  • Social services: Rehabilitation, case management, group work with youth or the elderly, recreation, or administration
  • Criminal justice: Probation, parole, or other criminal justice work
  • Community work: Fund-raising for social service organizations, nonprofits, child-care or community development agencies, or environmental groups
  • Public health: Family planning, substance abuse, rehabilitation counseling, health planning, hospital admissions, and insurance companies
  • Teaching: Elementary and secondary schools, in conjunction with appropriate teacher certification