History Scholarships 

The UTC Department of History recognizes excellence among its majors by awarding the following scholarships:

Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger Scholarship:  For excellent performance in American history courses

Dr. William H. Masterson Memorial Scholarship:  For excellent performance in history and humanities courses

UTC History Department Scholarship:  For excellent performance in history courses

Culpepper Family Scholarship:  For excellent performance in history courses (shared with students in Business Administration)


These scholarships are awarded by the History Department faculty.  There is no application or nomination process.


The Department is pleased to congratulate our most recent scholarship recipients (as pictured below left to right):

Samuel Tilleros (Sulzberger)

Christian Cage-Henderson (Sulzberger)

Jhedienne Adams (Masterson)

Ethan Gossett (UTC History Department)


utc history department scholarship recipients