Each semester students donate blood to help Blood Assurance with supply and demand required by our local hospitals.


Flu Shots

Faculty, staff and students can get a flu shot from University Health Services yearly to help fight the flu virus.


Meet and Greet

Community agencies welcome students back to campus for a meet and meet to aquaint students with local resources.

About Us

The Center for Student Wellbeing (CSW) strives to cultivate an environment that supports the wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff by translating lifestyle/behavioral choices and research into action, embracing innovation, and encouraging positive change on an individual and community level.  The CSW promotes healthy living through engaging, dynamic and educational programming and services for the UTC community. 

Our programming and services aim to empower all to reach their fullest potential through holistic wellness by maximizing health promoting behaviors and minimizing harmful behaviors during their living and learning experiences here at UTC and beyond.

Opportunities for reflection, connection, practice, and mobilization across different dimensions of wellness are offered throughout the year by the WC and their valuable student affairs and academic partners.


The CSW is composed of a team of professionals from our UTC campus  working together to form partnerships and raise awareness about the seven dimensions of wellness, the benefits of increased physical activity, and the causes and prevention strategies used to fight chronic diseases.

  • Health and Human Performance
  • Student Affairs
  • Counseling
  • Deitetics 
  • Campus Recreation
  • Veteran Student Services
  • School of Nursing
  • University Health Services
  • Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department
  • Cempa
  • Blood Assurance