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 Chattanooga Marathon 2018

In 2018, the Chattanooga Marathon attracted an estimated 1,500 out-of-town visitors.  This collection of half and full marathon participants and their traveling parties resulted in approximately $650,000 in total economic impact.  The report outlines an overview of the project’s research methods, and includes a breakdown of direct, indirect, and induced spending data.  Participant information relating to their spending behavior and demographic information is also presented.

Chattanooga Marathon 2018 Report

Chattanooga Zoo Contribution Analysis 2017

The following report illustrates the economic contributions made by the Chattanooga Zoo to the Southeastern Tennessee region in 2017.  The study’s methods relied on operational and capital expenditure data occurring within the study’s geographical impact area. Data revealed an estimated $5 million in economic impact attributable to Zoo. 

Chattanooga Zoo 2017 Report

Big Blue Adventure Event 2016

This report details the economic impact of three events at an outdoor festival in Lake Tahoe during July 2016. The Donner Lake Triathlon ($529k), Lake Tahoe Triathlon ($471k) and Squaw Valley Half Marathon ($12k) brought in over $1 million to the Tahoe region in a weekend. Participant demographics and travel info are further detailed in this report.

Big Blue Adventure Report

Rock-Climbing Impact 2015-16

Thousands of rock-climbers come through the Hamilton County region every year to take advantage of some of the best sandstone crags the country has to offer.  An increase in youth climbing clubs and competitions also results in an increase of family travel to competition sites.  While here, climbers stay in hotels, eat in local restaurants, and purchase gear at local stores, generating an economic impact of $7 million, ($10 million potential impact).  This study was conducted from September 2015 through April 2016. Results include economic impacts, tourist profiles, and management preferences of climbing tourists and residents.

Climbing Impact Report 2016

RiverRocks 2015

An update to the 2013 study, this report fills in the gaps on some activities not researched in the original report, as well as projecting a reasonable estimate of about a $5 million dollar economic impact on Hamilton County.  RiverRocks 2015 

Riverbend 2015

Riverbend brings thousands of visitors to the region annually with a 2-week lineup of renown bands and musicians. Located right on the river front, this festival is an economic and cultural driver. Riverbend 2015 generated an estimated $25 million direct economic impact. A detailed report can be viewed below.  Riverbend Economic Report 2015 

Ironman 2014

IRONMAN Chattanooga hosted over 2500 participants and more than 20,000 spectators over 3 days. Many of these were visitors, traveling from around the world and staying in the area for up to 2 weeks for training and leisure. The total direct impact is estimated at just over $10 million, with indirect and induced impacts totaling over $13 million. This event will remain in Chattanooga for the next 4 years, with a Half-Ironman to be added in the spring. These events are clearly an economic asset to the area. See the full report below, and find other reports based on the data collected at IRONMAN (athlete training & injuries, resident attitudes, etc.) on the Regional Tourism page.  Ironman Economic Impact Report 2014 

RiverRocks Outdoor Festival 2013

The RiverRocks outdoor festival takes place in Chattanooga, TN for multiple weeks in October.  It consists of numerous outdoor activities and competitions including, but not limited to: Regatta rowing race, StumpJump 50K and 11 mile trail race, and the Triple Crown Bouldering Series.

The festival brings visitors from different regions of the country and serves as a celebration of Chattanooga's tremendous outdoor culture.  This study was done with the intention of determining the economic impact of visitors brought to the area for the RiverRocks festival.  Due to the variety of the events, data were limited to five key events.  These 5 events brought an estimated 8,736 visitors to the area who spent an average of $428.68 while in the area.  Overall, the festival appears to have had a positive impact on the Chattanooga economy.

River Rocks Economic Impact Report 2013

Research Day poster (Tourists) 2013

Research Day poster (Residents) 2013 

USA Cycling Championships 2013

Hosting the USA Cycling Professional Road Championships in Chattanooga, TN was not only a testament to the area's excellent cycling infrastructure, but also a great asset to the local economy.  The event took place between May 25-27, 2013.

One of the main characteristics of this event is that it brought at least 1641 visitors to Chattanooga.  Almost all of the race participants were from outside the area, with only 1.4% of all participants being Hamilton County residents.

This translates to approximately 3776 paid hotel room nights.  Aside from hotels, area restaurants and shops also benefited greatly from the event.  In total, direct expenditures in the Chattanooga, TN area associated with the event's presence was approximately $1,048,692, with this estimate being on the conservative side.  Environmental and cultural impacts on the area are not assessed in this study.

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