UTC Tourism Center

Hamilton County is the 4th most popular tourist destination in TN.  Tourists of all types come to our region to enjoy family-friendly attractions, world-class adventure activities, and unique historic sites.  There are many places to access quality tourism research on the international, national, and state levels (see Links page below).

The UTC Tourism Center exists to serve the unique interests of planners and tourism-providers in the Hamilton County region.  We fulfill our purpose through:

  1. Collection of primary data on events and attractions in the Hamilton County area.
  2. Distribution of concise reports based on primary data collection.
  3. Commissioned reports on specific issues using a combination of primary and secondary data (c.f. Engel Stadium Feasibility Study).


What will you find in the UTC Tourism Center?

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Regional Tourism page: Short reports on tourism from research conducted in the Chattanooga region.

Economic Reports page: Information regarding specific events and the economic impact on the region.

Market Niches page: Information about tourism markets and types of tourists who visit the region.

** Interested in the psychological effects of outdoor activities? Visit the UTC Brainwave Project for research and updates.**

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