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Hamilton County Parks

Researchers attempted to determine how efficiently Hamilton County has fulfilled its mission of providing safe, well-maintained facilities to be used for recreational purposes by users of all age and ability.

Data were also collected to determine the profile of a typical park user and one's attitudes towards park development.  A majority of residents are pleased with the park system that is currently in place.  Most users also believe it increases one's level of physical activity, overall quality of life, and is a central part of Hamilton County's identity.

The most prominent type of visitor to the parks were social visitors, while sport and outdoor users made more frequent visits to parks.  This study could prove beneficial as a resource for supporting further development of the park system and a guide for policy making.

Executive Summary

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Engel Stadium: Tourism Feasibility Assessment

Engel Stadium is a valuable asset to the Chattanooga community.  It has a rich history as a minor league baseball field and a prominent area landmark.  Its future is in question, as it sits on a highly sought after area of land.

This report attempts to determine the economic feasibility of turning Engel Stadium into a marketable tourist destination.  This study emphasizes the importance of capitalizing on the unique story of the park, and the possible economic benefit of turning the retired stadium into a tourist attraction.

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