Tuition and Financial Aid

The full time in-state tuition and fees per semester is $5,010 and the out-of-state tuition and fees per semester is $9,042. Regional tuition credit applies to students who are residents of Catoosa, Dade, Fannin, Murray, Walker, and Whitfield counties in Georgia and Jackson county in Alabama. For more information about tuition and fees and current regional tuition rates, please visit the Bursar's Office website.

Financial Aid

The MPH faculty support the philosophy of the UTC Financial Aid Office. The educational opportunities of qualified students should not be controlled by their financial resources. Students are encouraged to contact the UTC Financial Aid Office directly for additional information regarding financial aid opportunities.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantships may be available to students accepted into the MPH program. Assistantships typically cover half of the cost of tuition and provide a small monthly stipend. Students receiving a graduate assistantship will be required to work 5-10 hours a week as a research assistant alongside an MPH faculty member. 

To be eligible for a graduate assistantship, students must first apply and be accepted into the MPH program. Students accepted into the program will be invited to apply for graduate assistantships beginning in the fall.