Admission Materials

Letters of Recommendation

Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation. An applicant's file is not considered complete and will not be acted upon until all three letters are in the file. All recommendation letters should be from people who know the applicant well enough to comment frankly on his/her ability to complete a master's level program of study. At least one of the letters should be from a college professor who has observed the applicant's performance in a college-level course and/or research environment. Applicants should follow-up with their references to ensure that the recommendation letters have been submitted in a timely fashion.

Please note that it is good practice to communicate with each of your references before you begin the application process. As soon as you enter their information into the online application, they will receive a request to submit their recommendation directly through the system.

Personal Statement

As part of the MPH program application, your Personal Statement should:

  1. Explain why you are interested in pursuing a career in public health.
  2. Share what draws you to our MPH program in Chronic Disease Prevention and Control and how our program fits with your career plan. 
  3. Describe a meaningful experience that inspired you to pursue a career in public health.

It is recommend that the statement should be typed prior to uploading it into the application system and should not be heavily formatted. During the online application process you will be asked to copy and paste your responses to text boxes in the application. Please note that responses cannot exceed 500 words per question. Your overall statement will be evaluated in terms of overall writing quality, evidence of your general knowledge and experience in public health, and potential for success in our program. 

We are looking for students with an aptitude for public service and a sincere desire to make a positive contribution to our program, the local Chattanooga community and to the field of public health when they graduate.


Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Prospective students will also be asked to upload a current resume or curriculum vitae as part of the online application process. There are no specific formatting requirements other than to adhere to general standards and provide the most current information about past research and work experiences, class- and community-based projects, as well as any other health-related experiences that make you a strong candidate for our MPH program.


International Students

All international applicants are required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score. A TOEFL iBT score of 79 or above is required or the IELTS overall score of a 6.0 or above is required. Students whose native languages is not English are required to provide scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is required of all applicants. For more information on international students requirements please visit the Center for Global Education.