Integrative Learning Experience

The Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) is a required, semester-long course (3 credits) offered each spring that serves as a culminating capstone experience for MPH students. The ILE provides students the opportunity to work with a community partner of their choice, integrating skills developed over the course of their program of study on an independent, final project.

As part of the ILE, student work with their community partner to identify a public health need and develop specific deliverable(s) that they complete for their community partner (i.e., survey, reports/reviews, intervention development and adaption). With guidance from the course instructor, students work with their community partner to demonstrate mastery of fundamental public health competencies while working as a part of an interdisciplinary team.

Recent ILE projects from UTC MPH graduates include: 

Kate Anderson ILEKate Anderson, MPH 2020 - UTC Center for Women & Gender Equity

Exploring her passion for women's health and advocacy and health communication, Kate partnered with the UTC Center for Women & Gender Equity to develop a Marketing Plan and a Guide for Friends & Family of Survivors for the Survivor Advocacy Services (SAS). These materials will be available to inform and empower survivors of gender-based violence and improve both their physical and mental well-being with support of survivor advocates at UTC.

Shay Stutts, MPH 2020 - Chattanooga Area Food BankShay Stutts ILE

Building on her interest in health education and addressing food insecurities in underserved, rural communities, Shay worked with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank to explore ways to enhance their Emergency Food Box (EFB) program. As part of her ILE, Shay developed an evidence-based survey to conduct with EFB clients to explore strategies to make the process smoother and more efficient for them. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Shay was unable to conduct the survey with clients, but instead developed a protocol and tools for delivering the survey in the future, such as this Emergency Food Box Survey - Interviewer Training Video.

Shelby ILE

Shelby Souvannasing, MPH 2020 - Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department

Motivated by a passion for health promotion and communication, Shelby chose to work with the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department as part of their Lead Prevention program. With areas of Hamilton County being declared a Superfund site for lead contamination, there is an urgent need to delivering culturally-appropriate information to affected local communities. As part of her work, Shelby developed numerous communication tools, including a Lead Fact Sheet and Lead Poisoning Infographic. These visually appealing materials will help educate and inform Chattanooga area residents about the dangers of childhood poisoning.