Foundations in Public Health

The Foundations in Public Health series is a compilation of nine credit hours (3 courses) offered in the first semester of the program of study. The "Foundation" provides a broad, interlocking knowledge-base essential for a career in public health. The integrated curriculum draws on essential public health principles and methods taught by an interdisciplinary team of instructors from across the UTC campus.

Simultaneous to enrollment in the Foundation in Public Health series, students will also participate in a 1-credit seminar - Integration of Science & Practice. The seminar is designed to bring students together in small teams to identify, understand and solve public health problems through a series of case studies and integrated projects.

  • Foundation in Public Health I - Exposure to Public Health Practice and Chronic Diseases
  • Foundation in Public Health II - Health Systems and the Environment
  • Foundation in Public Health III - Principles of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
  • Integrating Science & Ethics in Public Health Practice

 ISEP Debate    seminar class photo