Areas of Emphasis

Working with their faculty advisor, students will develop a customized area of emphasis based on their public health interests utilizing existing course offerings across the UTC campus. Beginning in their second semester, students will complete a minimum of 12 elective credit hours (approx. 4 courses). Six credits will be taken in the fourth semester while the other six credits can be taken over the 2nd, 3rd and summer semester. Elective courses may be satisfied through in-person and online course offerings. 

Potential areas of emphasis include:

  • Quantitative science (i.e., specializing in biostatistics and epidemiology)
  • Public health leadership
  • Social justice
  • Public administration
  • Healthy policy and services

The goal of the area of emphasis is to guide students in developing an area of expertise to complement their training in chronic disease prevention and control to increase their future job marketability!

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