Sport, Outdoor Recreation, and Tourism Management


The professional disciplines that comprise Sport, Outdoor Recreation, and Tourism Management (SORT) prepare students for management and leadership positions in commercial, private, and non-profit settings. It recognizes the intersection of sport, recreation, and tourism and is designed to inform students how to architect, promote, and execute experiential services and products in a variety of contexts. Students will supplement a core curriculum, consisting of a broad educational foundation, with elective courses that support their professional interests. Such flexibility enables students to cater their education to a specific career path, whether it be sport, outdoor recreation, or tourism-focused.

Beyond course-based learning, UTC’s SORT program encourages its students to take full advantage of Chattanooga’s premier outdoor destination attractions and event calendar through experiential learning courses. The program consists of two pre-internship field experience courses, as well as one mandatory internship. SORT’s practicum experiences are designed to complement classroom instruction by providing hands on experience in the respective field.  


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Christi Anglea, Leisure Studies

Molly Boyd, Outdoor Recreation

Evan Castellano, Outdoor Recreation

Anna Dinwiddie, Outdoor Recreation

Brant Donlon, Sports Management

Andrew Horton, Sports Management

Taylor Jordan, Outdoor Recreation

Andrew Kelso, Leisure Studies

Paige Odom, Outdoor Recreation

Christian Orth, Sports Management

Paul Smith, Sports Management

Kirsten Smithson, Outdoor Recreation

Brian Wright, Sports Management