Become a Representative


Heritage Room

The Graduate Student Association holds General Assembly meetings once a month to discuss campus and graduate student affairs. Become a GSA representative and represent your department or graduate student group as a voting member of the graduate student governing body.

According to the GSA bylaws and constitution, every program is allowed up to five representatives. In the event that more than 5 graduate students wish to apply from the same division, a majority-takes-all vote shall be held between the GSA Officers.

GSA Representatives Duties

GSA representatives are expected to

  • Serve as a representative for their academic program.
  • Share concerns, needs and ideas shared by fellow graduates in their graduate program
  • Distribute important information about new programs or events to graduate students in their graduate program.
  • Vote in official GSA elections, including appointment of new Executive Board members, approval of GSA budget and appropriation of funds.
  • Provide a timely response to Officer requests for information, dissemination of graduate surveys created by the GSA.
  • Serve on at least one GSA committee during the school year.
  • Representatives are furthermore responsible for keeping current on all GSA activities and encouraging collaboration among all graduate students.
  • Representatives are encouraged to attend all GSA meetings in order to effectively represent their program.
    • Representatives from online graduate programs are encouraged but not required to serve on a committee or attend meetings

To become a rep, please fill out the 2018-2019 GSA Representative form. You will be notified of your application status within two business days. GSA assembly meetings are the first Tuesday of every month of the academic year. All meetings will be held in the Heritage room on the second floor of the University Center, from 4 to 5pm.