Serve on a GSA Committee

The Graduate Student Association has established several internal committees to address issues relevant to the internal and external workings of the GSA and UTC. Committee membership is open to all enrolled graduate students. If you are interested in serving on a committee, email us at

Internal Committees

Chair, Emily Nixon

The GSA Philanthropy Committee organizes charitable opportunities each year.

Serving on the committee, or participating in its events, is an opportunity to give back to the Chattanooga community.

This committee leads in efforts that attract money and services needed to carry out the mission of GSA.

Chair, Amanda Benjamin

The GSA Professional Development committee works with on-campus offices, such as Alumni Relations and University Career Services to organize on-campus events to help graduate students advance in their careers, both professionally and pedagogically.

Additionally, the committee organizes a careers event in the spring. Members of the Professional Development Committee will have the opportunity to gain and demonstrate significant event coordination experience, as well as meet administrators and successful UTC alumni. It also works to maintain relations with graduate student alumni.  

Chair, TBA

The GSA Social Committee plans various GSA community events and other programming throughout the year to engage the graduate student community. This includes the GSA Picnics, cultural events and other GSA sponsored programs.

Chair, TBA

The Media Committee covers the advertising and marketing of GSA events, as well as documents events on the GSA website and social media accounts.

Chair, TBA

The University Relations committee requires each member to serve on a university committee to represent the graduate voice.

In addition, the committee works with various campus resources to ensure graduate academic needs are being met, such as meeting with Library Writing Center to ensure there is appropriate help for graduate student writing or research needs.  

Chair, TBA

The Orientation Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating new graduate student orientation.

External Committees

Recommends policies and procedures for evaluation of faculty instruction and for using evaluation results to improve instruction.

Recommends policies, procedures and instrumentation for the rating of administration by faculty and for using rating results to improve administration.
Supervision and policy making for student publications and media. A detailed description of the board and its work is set forth in the Manual for Student Publications.
Supervises the development of the undergraduate curriculum, meets often in fall and early spring semesters, with over 100 proposals to review each year.
Ensures that faculty input is given at the early stages of discussions on academic matters affecting faculty, students and the learning environment at UTC, in relation to the best design requirements needed for students to achieve learning outcomes.