Graduate Student Travel Awards


The Graduate School distributes funds to graduate students enrolled in 
degree programs to participate in professional development each academic year. Activities that may be funded include: presenting research at a conference, gathering data for research, and/or attending a conference.

Submit travel award applications for fall travel by Sept. 4, 2018 to the Graduate School, Dept. 5305, Race 103.

Submit travel award applications for spring travel by Nov. 20, 2018 to the Graduate School, Dept. 5305, Race 103. 

Travel Award Forms

When applying for travel award funds, follow the guidelines below.

Before Travel

  • If your conference is out-of-state, visit the link provided and fill out the T-18 form to include in the Travel Awards Application Packet.

Access form →

*Failure to submit this form with application will result in the application being removed from consideration.

If you are approved for travel funds, you must have a trip request submitted and approved in the University’s IRIS system before you travel. Your responsible department must enter the information in IRIS for approval.

After Travel

  • After travel has taken place, you must turn in a completed T-3 form to the Graduate School.

Access form →

This form must be typed and have the proper signatures before approval.

  • All receipts* must be filed with the completed T-3 form.

* hotel receipts must have recipient’s name; meal receipts must be itemized; mileage logs must be completed for in-state travel.


Click here for the Word Application

Submit your travel award application packet to the Graduate School, Dept. 5305, Race 103