College of Arts and Science Graduate Programs

Master of Science Environmental Science

UTC's Environmental Science Graduate Program provides students with sound scientific training coupled with an understanding of contemporary socioeconomic, political, and legal realities. Students develop oral and written communication skills for assuming leadership roles in a wide variety of interdisciplinary professional settings.

Master of Science Criminal Justice

The MS in Criminal Justice prepares graduates for leadership in management positions in criminal justice and social service agencies, or entry into doctoral study. The program places emphasis on the development of skills in critical thinking, communication, and applied research. 

Master of Science Mathematics 

The Department of Mathematics at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga offers a Master of Science degree in mathematics, with concentrations in applied mathematics, applied statistics, pre-professional mathematics, and education. This program is designed to provide individuals with an in-depth understanding in their chosen area, further preparing them for work in industry, government, and education, or for further graduate studies.

Master of Public Administration

To prepare students to excel in the leadership and management of public and nonprofit organizations through a curriculum that emphasizes the linkage between theory and practice, critical thinking and analysis, interpersonal and communication skills, ethics, and stewardship. We strive to help students develop a strong foundation in program and policy management skills. Further, our curriculum seeks to raise the awareness and appreciation of the complex relationships between governmental entities and between government, the nonprofit sector, and society at large.

Master of Science in Psychology: Research Concentration 

The Mission of the Master of Psychology: Research Concentration is to prepare students for careers in research and teaching.  Using a mentoring model in which each student works closely with a faculty sponsor, we allow the  student to gain experience relevant to pursuing a career in psychology.  The mission is accomplished by addressing three specific goals.  First, we prepare students with research skills that enable them to assist in the design and analysis of behavioral data.  Second, we allow students to work in a collaborative fashion with experienced research scientists to gain first-hand knowledge of the demands of research.  This task is often accomplished through service learning activities connecting the student with projects in the community.  Third, we teach our students to teach others, and provide them with opportunities to gain supervised experience conducting classes in the Department of Psychology, including laboratory supervision through teaching a self-contained undergraduate course.

Master of Science in Psychology: Industrial-Organizational 

Welcome to the UTC Master's of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program. Whether you are interested in the practice or science side of I-O, our program can help you take your career to the next level.

Master of Arts in English

Every aspect of the English Department’s program attempts to communicate a sense of wonder and excitement about our written culture and to engage the student’s imagination. We make students aware that whenever they read or write, complex and sometimes contradictory elements—factual, emotive, logical—must be apprehended, held in balance, and accorded appropriate weight. We want them to be able to identify and order intricate responses to arrive at a sound understanding of a written text or to produce clear and forceful writing of their own.

Master of Music Performance

The Master of Music Performance program leads to an MM degree with a concentration in Vocal or Instrumental Performance, or in Vocal or Instrumental Conducting. The performance concentration prepares a student for doctoral work. Additionally, the master's degree in performance is often viewed as a terminal degree. This places the graduate in a pool of professionals eligible for appointment at colleges and universities. Finally, the degree is a credential for private studio teaching and public performance.

Master of Music Education

The Master of Music Education program leads to an MM Ed degree with a concentration in Vocal or Instrumental Music Education, or in Kodaly Studies. The music education concentration prepares graduates for further studies in music education, leading to the doctorate. In addition, the improved skills and competencies provided by the degree qualify graduates for increased compensation as professional music specialists in public education.