2013 News and Events

October 2013:

Dr. Craig Denegar visits UTC

Dr. Craig Denegar, Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Athletic Training and Director of Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut recently visited campus.  While on campus he spoke to the students from the GATP and PT programs on Tendinopathy and later spoke to the GATP Research Methods class regarding general research and publishing issues.

September 2013:

Football Means a Greater Focus on Concussions

With the start of football season at all level across the country the media's focus has intensified on the topic of concussions.  Mr. Scott Bruce, Lecture/Director of Recruitment for the UTC-GATP and also the Founder of the Chattanooga Concussion Prevention Initiative receives more phone calls and e-mails during this time of year from a wide variety of individuals.  The local media has also taken notice too.  Scott was interviewed by WRCB, Channel 3 in Chattanooga regarding not only the focus on concussions, but the lack of athletic trainers in seven of the local public schools of Hamilton County.

August 2013:

Free Concussion Seminar

The Chattanooga Concussion Prevention Initiative (CCPI), led by UTC-GATP instructor and founder Scott Bruce sponsored a Free Concussion Seminar in conjunction with Vanderbilt Sports Concussion Center (VSCC) and Rawlings Sporting Goods.  Several speakers both from the CCPI and the VSCC presented on a variety of topics.  Local presenters were Dr. Danielle Mitchell and Scott Bruce.  From the VSCC, Dr. Gary Solomon and Dr. Jim Fiechtl spoke.  Finally, Robert Parrish, CEO for the Rawlings Sporting Goods Company also presented.

July 2013:

Class of 2015 begins

A new cohort of 14 students started classes in early July.  As with all recent classes, they will be taking the same three classes as previous cohorts and working with pre-season football until classes begin for the fall semester in mid-August.  Good luck to the Class of 2015!  We know you will do well!

June 2013:

NATA Convention

The NATA Convention was in Las Vegas and it was a busy week.  All four faculty members attended the convention with Drs. Colston and Wilkerson both presenting at sessions and Dr. Baker presenting a poster.  Dr. Marisa Colston gave a presentation on A Collaborative Approach to Back Injury Prevention in the Weight Room.  Dr. Gary Wilkerson spoke on Interrelated Factors that Increase Susceptibility to Sport-Related Injury.  His presentation was in conjunction with an alum of the former UTC-GATP, John Faltus, DPT, SCS, ATC ('11).  John's presentation was entitled Training Techniques for Enhancement of Reactive Neuromuscular Control.  Dr. Carrie Baker regarding the Development of the Self-Efficacy of Balance Scale SEBS for Young Active Individuals.

May 2013:

Hannah Presley's ('13) article for TATS

Hannah Presley, (newly graduated athletic training professional ('13)), has an article in the May 8, 2013 TATS T-Blast News, about "the gap between the evidence taught in the didactic aspect of the (Athletic Training Education) Program and those skills demonstrated clinically continues to widen."  She makes several great points.  If you do not get the TATS T-Blast News you can read the article HERE.

Great job Hannah!!!  We are all proud of you! This is yet another example why the UTC-GATP is #1!


May 2013:

A day of Great News!!!

We found out 11/12 (92%) students passed their BOC exams the 1st time (5 have opted to take the exam in June).  Additionally the UTC-GATP had three NATA Research and Education Foundation (NATAREF) scholarship winners (two graduate, one doctoral).  The winners include:


  • Lynnette Fitts won the the David H Perrin Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC) Scholarship sponsored by the Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Erika Zabkar won the Katie Burke Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Tinactin/Merck (Shering-Plough).
  • T.J. Zinke won the Donald J. Fauls Memorial Scholarship sponsored by the NATAREF


  • Scott L. Bruce won Lindsy McLean Scholarship sponsored by Board of Certification, Inc.

Congratulations to everyone.  You have made the UTC-GATP proud!

April 2013:

Liz Walker announces her retirement

The first individual many students met when entering the Graduate Athletic Training Education Program (GATP) office suite in the Arena was Liz Walker.  After 13+ years of hard work and dedication to the GATP, Liz has announced her retirement effective May 1.  She has been the glue that held many parts of our family together through the years.  Liz was always had a comforting and sympathetic ear to help reduce a student's fears or frustrations.  She has counseled many a student providing them with sage advice to help them in their personal and professional endeavors.  Liz's organizational skills have assisted the program navigate through two successful accreditation cycles.  We will miss her ability to a find a travel bargain, or knowing exactly who to call on campus to get an answer to a question or to solve a problem.  The UTC-GATP is a better program because of her time, dedication, and efforts.  Thank you is simply not enough to show our appreciation for her years of service.  We hope that she and her husband Jerry have a long and healthy retirement of travel and fun with the grandchildren!

April 2013:

2013 Graduate Research Day

A record number of 124 research posters from across all UTC departments were presented on April 2nd.  The event was jointly sponsored by The Graduate School, Graduate Student Association, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Office of the Provost and the University Honors Program.  This year, the 17 GATP 2nd year students worked on their research projects in pairs and presented their posters as in the past.  The posters are a requirement of the GATP and was the conclusion of much hard work and long hours by both students and faculty.  The titles and authors of the posters are provided below:  

  • Lindsay Austin, Cherell Lawson, Gary Wilkerson, Carrie Baker: Development of a Survey Instrument for Quantification of Sprain and Strain Injury Risk among College Athletes
  • Emily B. Davis, Misha A. Fanelli, Gary B. Wilkerson: Association of Dietary Habits with Cardiometabolic Status and Quadriceps Strength of College Football Linemen
  • Jennifer Dorman, John Gregorich, Scott L. Bruce: A Possible Alternative to Computerized Neurocognitive Testing for Quantification of Reaction Time
  • Aynsley Entrekin, Micah LaJoie, Dr. Gary Wilkerson: Quantification Of Ankle Function And Confidence Following Ankle Injury In High School And College Athletes
  • Arlene Larralade, Benjamin Stewart, Marisa Colston, John Louis: Change in Neurocognitive- Reaction Time Following Sub-Occipital Manual Therapy
  • Tara Milburn, Lauren Miller, Marisa Colston, Gary Wilkerson: Static analysis of load on the lumbar spine during an Olympic-style lift performed by college football players
  • Valerie Kay Snider, Daniel MacLean IV, Gary Wilkerson: Pre-participation Injury Risk Assessment and the Effectiveness of Programs for Risk Reduction in Female Collegiate Athletes
  • Keresa Steichen, Hannah Presley, Gary Wilkerson: Assessment of the Quantity and Quality of ATEP Faculty Scholarship
  • Kelly M. Tucker, Melody A. Mullis, Gary B. Wilkerson, Scott L. Bruce: Development of a Prediction Model for Identification of High-Cost Sports Injury Cases

March 2013:

  • The 38th Annual SEATA Clinical Symposium & Members Meeting was held in early March in Atlanta.  Drs. Colston, Wilkerson and Mitchell did a presentation entitled: "Patient Centered Issues and Roundtable"
  • Dr. Marisa Colston won the SEATA Education/Administration Award
  • Kathryn Bonecutter ('09) had a case presentation at the SEATA Meeting entitled “PRP after an Achilles Tendon Repair”
  • Scott Bruce attended the 2nd Matthew Gfeller Sport-related Neurotrauma Sympsium at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC

February 2013:

Student SEATA Conference

All 37 UTC-GATP athletic training students attended the 28th Annual Student SEATA Conference held in Atlanta, GA. The main highlight for UTC was the first ever oral presentation given by UTC Students.  Keresa Steichen and Kelly Tucker presented on a research project they did with Dr. Brendon McDermott entitled: "The Use of the Core Cooler™ Cold" Air Inhalation Device during Exercise in the Heat"  To make their job that much tougher, they were the very first pair of presenters for the session.  The ladies did a great job and made UTC-GATP very proud.

Other highlights include:

  • For the 14th consecutive year, Dr. Marisa Colston offered her customary presentation on "Lumbosacral Spine" while Dr. Gary Wilkerson shared his insights about "The Knee." 
  • Scott L. Bruce assisted with two laboratory session: emergency medical procedures and joint mobilizations
  • Dr. Carrie Baker assisted with three laboratories: emergency medical procedures, kinesio-taping and orthotic fabrication.
  • The 5th Annual SEATA Quiz Bowl was another raucous affair. Teams from every state in District 9/SEATA were represented. The UTC Quiz Bowl team of Tara Milburn, Lauren Miller, Valerie Snider and Keresa Steichen, brought home 3rd place finish.  Congratulations to the University of Miami for being the only school to know the Final Jeopardy question and winning the overall event.   They will now represent District 9 at the NATA National Quiz Bowl in June in Las Vegas.  Good luck to "The U" in Las Vegas!

January 2013:

Katelin Knox making a mark at Stanford University

Katelin Knox ('12) is working as an intern athletic trainer at Stanford University, working with their football team.  The team finished the recently completed season with a PAC-12 Conference Championship, a victory in the Rose Bowl, and a #5 National Ranking.  She has recently been assigned to be the Host Athletic Trainer for the 1st and 2nd Rounds of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament In March.  Stanford is hosting the weekend of March 23rd. Good Luck Katelin!

January 2013:

  • Bi-annual NATA Educators Conference
    • Dr. Gary Wilkerson (Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Athletic Training & Therapy) presented with Dr. Craig Denegar (Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Athletic Training and the Program Director of the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Connecticut) entitled: " Bridging the Chasm between Athletic Training Research and Clinical Practice: A Discussion of Methods and Analyses"
    • Dr. Wilkerson along with Dr. Marisa Colston presented on "Patient-Centered Athletic Training: Issues in
      Clinical Practice, Research, and Education"  focusing on how athletic training should be under a medical model of care and supervision as opposed to the athletic model so many programs are currently engaged
  • Georgia Athletic Trainers' Association's Annual Meeting and Symposium
    • Dr. Gary Wilkerson presented on "Individualized injury risk assessment"
  • Tennessee Athletic Trainers' Society State Meeting
    • Dr. Carrie Baker presented on "Upcoming Changes to Professional Standards"
    • Mr. Scott L. Bruce pinch-hit for a late cancellation on "Empty Room Rehabilitation"
    • Scott also won the 2013 TATS Terry Robertson Educator Award