2012 News and Events

October 2012:

At a recent high school football game between Signal Mountain (SM) High School and Chattanooga Christian School (CCS) there were 10 athletic trainers (counting both certified athletic trainers and athletic training students) covering or present at the game. Although SM won the game the best part was that no one was seriously injured so neither staff was very busy during the game.

October 2012:

Chattanooga Concussion Prevention Initiative featured by WDSI Fox 61

Scott Bruce, Lecturer/Director of Recruitment for the UTC-GATP and founder for the Chattanooga Concussion Prevention Initiative (CCPI) along with Thomas Morrison ('12) Assistant Athletic Trainer at Boyd Buchanan High School were both interviewed by WDSI Fox 61 of Chattanooga for a segment on concussions.  The feature not only discussed the dangers of concussions, but also briefly discussed the CCPI.

August 2012:

Bruce leads Concussion Prevention Initiative

With the start of football season across the country comes the endless streams of stories about concussions.  UTC-GATP Lecturer and Director of Recruitment Mr. Scott Bruce is attempting address this issue locally.  He is heading up the Chattanooga Concussion Prevention Initiative (CCPI).  Mr. Bruce has already recruited 4 Family Practice Sports Medicine trained physicians to be a part of the CCPI.  The physicians are Dr. Danielle Mitchell, (UTC Team Physician), Dr. Dave Jenkinson, Dr. Jason Robertson, and Dr. Shay Richardson. Although it has been slow going the referral network is established. Mr. Bruce has already done several educational sessions with area schools.  In the future, the CCPI hopes to be able to get all of the athletes in Hamilton County baseline tested on ImPACT or some similar neuropsychological test battery and be able to track the injuries for further research and development.

August 2012:

UTC-GATP Preceptor gets props in Chattanoogan.com article

Head Athletic Trainer for Signal Mountain High School and UTC-GATP Preceptor, Casey Riley is mentioned for her efforts on the field at the time of the injury and with the injured player's recovery and rehabilitation.  (Also please note that on 2 of 3 times that the writer mentions Casey, she used the proper nomenclature of "athletic trainer".)  The two athletic training students assigned to Casey, Tara Milburn and Cherell Lawson got an awesome educational experience.  Read the article HERE. Good work all!  Keep it up!

August 2012:

Dr. Carrie Baker is the new UTC-GATP Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Carrie Baker was recently appointed to be the new Clinical Coordinator for the UTC-GATP.  Dr. Baker comes to UTC from the University of Kentucky where she recently completed her doctorate in Rehabilitation Sciences.  Her dissertation at the University of Kentucky was entitled: “The Development of the Self-Efficacy of Balance Scale (SEBS): Investigation of Psychometric Properties in Female Basketball Players.”  Carrie is originally from New England, graduating from Castleton State College, Castleton, VT.  She completed her master’s degree in 2002 from Old Dominion University.  Dr. Baker spent the next six years teaching and working as the on-campus clinical coordinator at Sacred Heart University.  We welcome Carrie to the UTC-GATP family!

July 2012:

Dr. Brendon McDermott leaves UTC

It is with sadness that the UTC-GATP lost the talent and services of Dr. Brendon McDermott when he accepted a similar position at the University of Arkansas.  Dr. McDermott will be part of a research team at U. of AR to study heat and hydration.  Although we are saddened by Dr. McDermott’s leaving, we believe we have been truly fortunate to have had him as a part of the UTC-GATP for three years.  Our program is much better because of his contributions and we wish him, his wife Jamie, and the boys Aiden and Shea nothing but the best.  Good Luck McDermotts!

June 2012:

NATA Annual Meeting

The 63rd NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium was a very successful time for the UTC-GATP. The following are the highlights of the St. Louis meeting.

  • Dr. Gary Wilkerson presented twice, both feature presentations.  Dr. Wilkerson shared the stage with UTC-GATP alumnus John Faltus, ('11) and Dr. Brian Pietrosimone from the University of Toledo entitled: Understanding and Treating Neuromechanical Adaptations Following Joint Injury  Dr. Wilkerson's presentation was Pathogenesis of Muscle Inhibition wihle John's presentation was entitled Exercises for Restoration of Optimal Function
  • The other presentation Dr. Wilkerson game was in conjunction with UTC-GATP instructor Scott Bruce and Dr. Craig Denegar from the University of Connecticut.  Their feature presentation was entitled How to Objectively Assess the Prevention Domain.  Scott's presentation was on Predicting Who is Likely To Get Injured & The Prevention Domain, while Dr. Wilkerson's presentation was on Clinical Prediction Rules for the Prevention of Injury
  • Dr. Brendon McDermott gave an oral presentation on his recent heat related research.  His presentation was entitled Validity of the Heat Observation Technology System During Summer Football Conditioning.
  • The Annual UTC-GATP Alumni Party was held at the Over-Under Sports Bar and Grill.  About 30 people attended the event.  Here is the picture taken of the group.  (Unfortunately, some left before the picture and some after it was taken.)

May 2012:

NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium is right around the corner

As you prepare for the NATA National Convention please be sure to see Dr. Gary Wilkerson and Mr. Scott Bruce as they present along with Dr. Craig Denegar (University of Connecticut) on "How to Objectively Assess the Prevention Domain."  They will present on Thursday, June 28th from 5:00 to 7:00.  Please be sure to join us!

Also, the alumni party is being planned for Wed., June 27th (tentative) and details will be forthcoming.

May 2012:

12 new graduates, 21 new students to replace them

UTC has 12 new alumni with the graduation of the class of 2012.  We thank all of them for their hard work, dedication and for what they taught the faculty during their 22 months in the UTC-GATP.  We wish them all well as they embark on the hardest job they will ever have in many ways - seeking their first jobs as newly minted ATCs!

With the graduation of the class of 2012, we prepare to welcome our largest class ever.  Twenty-one (21) new students will joining the UTC-GATP family in July.  We are excited about the prospects that this new group presents.  Look for more information on the new group in July!

April 2012:

Bruce and McDermott launch the Chattanooga Concussion Prevention Initiative

UTC-GATP Faculty Members Scott L. Bruce and Brendon P. McDermott along with Lisa Morgan the Service Coordinator for the Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association (CABIA) have launched the Chattanooga Concussion Prevention Initiative (CCPI).  The purpose of the CCPI is three fold:

  1. To provide education to coaches, school administrators, parents, and the student-athletes themselves.
  2. To provide a referral network of physicians who are trained in the assessment and management of concussions.
  3. To track the concussion injuries to provide better services and address the needs of the area regarding concussion.

The referral network is made up of Dr. Dave Jenkinson, Dr. Danielle Mitchell, Dr. Shay Richardson, and Dr. Jason Robertson. Eventually the goal will be to have all student-athletes in the Chattanooga area baseline tested on neurocognitive tests so that when a concussion is suffered, an athlete can be re-tested and the neurocognitive testing can be used as an additional objective tool for the physicians when they conduct their assessments.

April 2012:

2012 Graduate Research Day

Over 90 research posters from across various departments on the UTC campus were presented on Wednesday, April 4th.  The event was jointly sponsored by The Graduate School, Graduate Student Association, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Office of the Provost and the University Honors Program.  The 13 GATP 2nd year students presented their posters as well.  The posters are a requirement of the GATP and was the conclusion of much hard work and long hours by both students and faculty.  The titles and authors of the posters are provided below:

  • Christopher Brown, Gary B. Wilkerson, Marisa A. Colston: Pre-season Baseline Testing to Determine Injury Risk
  • Rachel N. Burdette, Gary B. Wilkerson: Pre-season Characteristics as Predictors of Musculoskeletal Injury Risk
  • April S. Clark, Scott L. Bruce, Gary B. Wilkerson: The Relationship Between Neurocognitive Reaction Time and Incidence of Core or Lower Extremity Sprains or Strains
  • Kayleigh K. Edwards, Marisa A. Colston, Gary B. Wilkerson:  Effect of a Strength Training Program on Hip External Rotators and Ankle Inverters
  • Daryl Faulkner, Gary B. Wilkerson, Marisa A. Colston:   Identification of Shoulder Injury Risk Among College Football Players
  • Megan Gibson, Marisa A. Colston, Gary B. Wilkerson: Effects of Low Back Manual Therapy on Perceived Status Change and Knee Extension Torque
  • Jessica Guadango, Gary B. Wilkerson:  Quantification of Ankle Sprain Among College Football Players
  • Marissa M. Jones, Gary B. Wilkerson, Marisa A. Colston, Scott L. Bruce: Responses to the "Life Events Survey for Collegiate Athletes" as Injury Predictors
  • Katelin Knox, Gary B. Wilkerson, Marisa A. Colston: Core Muscle Endurance Tests and Joint Function Surveys for Injury Prediction
  • Michelle Moreland, Brendon McDermott, Scott L. Bruce: Effect of Hydration Status on Neurocognitive Test Results
  • Thomas M. Morrison, Scott L. Bruce, Gary B. Wilkerson: Pre-participation Injury Risk Status as a Predictor of Medical Expenditures for College Football Players
  • Abby Sroufe, Marisa A. Colston, Gary B. Wilkerson: Lumbar Multifidus Muscle Cross-Sectional Area Relationship to Hip External Rotator and Knee Extensor Isometric Torque Output
  • Robery Clay Townsend, Brendon McDermott: Comparison of Sweat Rate and Sweat-Electrolyte Composition Between Athletes who Experience Recurrent Muscle Cramps versus Matched Control Athletes

April 2012:

Jamila Kindall ('08) has been selected to be a certified massage therapist for the 2012 Olympic Game in London, England this summer.

March 2012:

Scott Bruce is the Keynote Speaker for the Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association

Scott Bruce recently was the Keynote Speaker for the Annual Fundraising Dinner for the Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association (CABIA). His presentation was entitled, "Athletic Trainers on the Front Lines of Concussions."  The dinner was attended by more than 250 guests. 

CABIA is committed to supporting brain injury survivors throughout their journey of recovery. This component involves formulating solutions and advocating for the brain injury survivor in any which way we can.  Scott's presentation included the proposal for the establishment of the Chattanooga Concussion Prevention Initiative.  Scott, along with Dr. Brendon McDermott, are focused on working with area Sports Medicine trained Family Practice Physicians to establish a referral network.  The goal is for those schools in Hamilton County that do not have access to certified athletic trainers, to have someplace to go, so when they do have athletes with a potential concussion, they can be properly evaluated, managed and eventually cleared for their return to play when it is safe for them to do so.

March 2012:

Presentation at Annual SEATA Conference on Clinical Prediction Rules

UTC-GATP Faculty members Dr. Gary Wilkerson, Dr. Marisa Colston, and Mr. Scott Bruce along with Head Team Physician Dr. Danielle Mitchell presented at the 37th Annual SEATA Clinical Symposium & Members Meeting held in Atlanta, GA.  The title of the topic was "How to Objectively Measure the Prevention Domain."  Dr. Wilkerson's segment of the presentation was an introduction to clinical prediction modeling.  Dr. Mitchell followed with how to use the data generated from the clinical model in clinical practice and why evidence-based practice is important to all health care practitioners. How the Evidence-based Medicine model fits into the new clinical proficiencies that are going into effect for all athletic training education curriculums was the topic of Dr. Colston's presentation.  Mr. Bruce was the anchor of the group and gave an overview on "how to do" clinical prediction modeling and how to identify your at risk athletes.

If you missed this presentation have no fear you will have another opportunity.  Dr. Wilkerson and Mr. Bruce will present a similar talk along with Dr. Craig Denegar at the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium.  That presentation is scheduled for Thursday, June 28th, from 4:45 to 6:45 PM.  It is a Featured Presentation!  We hope to see you there!

March 2012:

An strong finish for Dr. Danielle Mitchell in the Ironman Triathlon New Zealand

Dr. Danielle Mitchell, UTC's Head Team Physician, completed her fourth Ironman distance triathlon in Taupo, New Zealand, with a time of 7:54:16.  The swimming, biking and running event is one of the most difficult tests of an individual's physiological endurance.  This particular event was challenging if for no other reason due to the whether.  The original race was postponed due to "hurricane like conditions" and an abbreviated form of the race was held the following day.  Dr. Mitchell spent the week before the event in New Zealand preparing for the race and and the week after the triathlon exploring the country.  This is Dr. Mitchell's 2nd ironman triathalon since joining UTC.  Her 1st was in Madison, WI after accepting the position to come to UTC and just prior to beginning her actual duties.  When and where her next triathalon will take place is still to be announced.

March 2012:

Dr. Danielle Mitchell featured in the Chattanooga Times-Free Press

Head Team Physician, Dr. Danielle Mitchell was featured recently in an article in the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.  The article focused on her love of healthy lifestyles, physical fitness and her participation in triathlons.  You can read the article by clicking HERE.

February 2012:

Another Student SEATA Conference another UTC success!

All of the UTC-GATP athletic training students attended the 26th Annual Student SEATA Conference held in Atlanta, GA.  Once again students had 3 tracks from which to choose from: 1) "Prevention, Evaluation & Initial Management of Injuries"  2) "Therapeutic Exercise, Modalities and Professional Development" 3) "Athletic Training Competencies" for students preparing for the NATA-Board of Certification Exams.

Here are some of the other highlights from the Conference:

  • Dr. Brendon McDermott presented on "Clinical Management of Heat Illness". 
  • For the 13th consecutive year, Dr. Marisa Colston and Dr. Gary Wilkerson presented. Dr. Colston presented once again on "Lumbosacral Spine" while Dr. Wilkerson spoke about "The Knee." 
  • Scott L. Bruce assisted with three laboratory session: orthotic fabrication, advanced taping techniques, and emergency medical procedures.
  • Dr. Brendon McDermott assisted with the Quiz Bowl competition as a member of the District Quiz Bowl Committee. 
  • The 4th Annual SEATA Quiz Bowl was another energetic and fun filled night. Teams from over 20 school were represented. The UTC Quiz Bowl team of Rachel Burdette, Daryl Falkner, Jessica Guadagno, and Michelle Moreland brought home a strong 3rd place finish.  Congratulations to Southeast Louisiana State University and their come-from-behind victory.  They will now represent District 9 at the NATA National Quiz Bowl in June in St. Louis.

January 2012:

New year and lots of presentations

With the new year, UTC-GATP faculty have numerous speaking engagements.  Here is a list of what has been done and what will be coming in the coming months.

  • Dr. Brendon McDermott spoke on "Heat  etc." at the NATA Roundtable in Colorado Spring, CO and at the Georgia Regulation Commission on State Guidelines on Heat Illness in Athens.
  • Dr. Gary Wilkerson will speak in February at the Big Sky Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Conference in Big Sky, MT on “Pre-Participation Injury Risk Assessment” highlighting our research efforts here at UTC.
  • Dr. Marisa Colston, Dr. Wilkerson, and Dr. McDermott will all be speaking at the Annual Student SEATA Conference in Atlanta, while Mr. Scott Bruce will be assisting with several laboratory sessions.
  • Dr. Danielle Mitchell, (UTC Team Physician), Dr. Colston, Dr. McDermott, Dr. Wilkerson and Mr. Bruce are presenting on "Clinical Prediction Rules" at the Annual SEATA Meeting in Atlanta in March
  • Dr. Wilkerson and Mr. Bruce will present at the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in St. Louis, MO. Their presentation will be entitled: “How to Objectively Assess the Prevention Domain”

January 2012:

TATS Conference

A very successful weekend was had by UTC-GATP. The following is a wrap up.

  • Dr. Marisa Colston, GATP Program Director presented on "Differential Diagnosis in the Lumbar Spine"
  • Dr. Danielle Mitchell, UTC Team Physician gave a presentation entitled "Building an Evidence-based Medical Practice in the Athletic Training Room"
  • Dr. Mitchell's presentation stimulated conversation about the working conditions of athletic trainers.  She is now organizing a discussion group to examine how change may occur so that more schools might utilize the "medical model" over the current "athletic model" which has been in place for so long.
  • This makes it six years a row that a UTC-GATP student has won this award and eight of the last nine award winners have been UTC-GATP students.  Previous winners: 2011 - John Faltus; 2010 - Dana Johnson; 2009 - Carlitta Moore; 2008 - Candy Anderson; 2007 - Erin Sheehan; 2005- Sarah Herskee; 2004 - Wade Barlett