2011 News and Events

November 2011:

UTC-GATP Welcomes our newest family member

Dr. Brendon McDermott's wife Jamie gave birth to their second son, Shea Logan.  Shea came into this world weighing 7 lbs. 4 oz. According to Dad, Mother and baby are doing "awesome!"

October 2011:

Dr. Wilkerson attends National Congress on Healthcare Innovation & Cost Containment

Dr. Wilkerson was recently awarded a scholarship to attend the Conference by the Bipartisan Policy Center co-founded by former Senators Bill Frist and Tom Daschale in Washington, DC.  The conference focused on impending changes in healthcare delivery and reimbursement models.  Attendees included representatives of health policy consulting firms, federal agencies, private insurance companies, and healthcare provider organizations.  Dr. Wilkerson was the only certified athletic trainer in attendance.  Much of the information that he has brought back from DC will be implemented in the Healthcare & Finance course that is part of the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program.  Dr. Wilkerson will be presenting on this topic at the Southeast Athletic Trainers' Association.

October 2011:


A recent report by EducationalPortals.com that will become part of a feature in the USA Today recognizes UTC as being one of the 20 Best Sports Medicine Schools in the United States.  Of the programs listed,  the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's Athletic Training Education Program is the only Entry-level Master's Program highlighted.  By region, UTC is one of only four (4) schools in the southeast region of the United States that were on the "Best of" list. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clinical instructors, administrators, medical directors and most importantly our students (both current and past students), for the continued support and contributions to the program's success.

September 2011:

Dr. Danielle Mitchell become the new UTC Team Physician

Dr. Danielle Mitchell has recently joined the UTC Sports Medicine team as our new Team Physician.  Dr. Mitchell is a Primary Care Sports Medicine physician.  She recently completed her sports medicine fellowship at the University of Utah.  Originally from Oregon and a graduate of the University of Oregon and the Oregon Health and Sciences University.  She will be responsible for not only supervising the certified athletic trainers, but assisting in providing care to the 17 varsity athletic teams and the over 350 student-athletes.
When Dr. Mitchell is not practicing medicine, she can found road-racing with an amateur women's cycling team, and training for triathlons. She recently completed the Ironman Triathlon in Madison, Wisconsin in 15:40:09.  Dr. Mitchell will see patients on-campus at the University Health Services and in the orthopedic clinic through Erlanger Hospital.

August 2011:

If its hot (and it is) Dr. McDermott is in the news!

Dr. Brendon McDermott again is in the news with the heat, but this time it was national news.  This article on the Fox News web site discusses the heat issues and Dr. McDermott is featured prominently in the article.  Keep up the good work Brendon!

July 2011:

Dr. McDermott's latest research highlighted

Dr. Brendon McDermott was recently featured on two Chattanooga television stations showing his latest research comparing the "HotHead Body Temperature Sensor" to the "HQ CorTemp Ingestible Thermistor".  Research has shown the "HQ CorTemp Ingstible Thermistor" to be a reliable measure of core temperature when compared to rectal temperatures, but at $40 per ingestible thermistor it is likely to be too expensive for many athletic trainers.  The newest product is the "HotHead Body Temperature Sensor".  They claim that their product is representative of core temperature, but independent research has not verified their technology, Dr. McDermott is testing to see if the "HotHead" claims are valid.

June 2011:

1 class leaves and another begins

The UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program congratulates all of our graduating athletic training students as they have all stepped from the student category to the certified athletic trainer classification.  UTC's athletic training students continue to have an overall pass rate for the NATA BOC exam of 80% on the 1st time takiing the exam.

June 2011:

NATA Convention Highlights:

1. UTC Faculty represent at the NATA Annual Meeting in New Orleans

Once again the UTC-GATP Faculty presented on several occasions during the recently completed NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in New Orleans, LA.  Below is a list of the presentations made by each of the faculty members:

  • Dr. Brendon McDermott
    • "Emerging Position Statements: Fluid Replacement for Athletes: An Update"
    • "Heat or Hydration – Science and Practical Applications of Heat Illness Prevention"
    • "Clinical Management of Exertional Heat Illness"
  • Dr. Gary Wilkerson
    • "Utilization of Ultrasound Imaging in the Clinical Management of Ankle Dysfunction"
    • "Critical Role of Core Musculature for Optimal Integrated Function throughout the Entire Kinetic Chain: Relationship of Core Stability to Lower Extremity Function and Injury Risk"
  • Dr. Marisa Colston
    • "Critical Role of Core Musculature for Optimal Integrated Function throughout the Entire Kinetic Chain: Biomechanical and Neuromuscular Aspects of Optimal Lumbosacral Function"
  • Mr. Scott L. Bruce
    • "The Gluteals and Their Link to Lower Quarter Dysfunction"  (Learning Lab Assistant)

2. Two UTC Athletic Training Students win NATA Scholarships

Jessica Guadagno and Marissa Jones both won scholarship from the NATA Research & Education Foundation's Scholarship Program.

3. Over 60 attend the Alumni Reception

Over 60 people attended the UTC-GATP Annual Alumni Reception held at Poppy's Time-out Sports Bar and Grill in downtown New Orleans.  Plans are being made for next year's reception.  Please plan to attend!  See you in St. Louis!

June 2011:

Brendon McDermott receives more recognition

UTC's own Dr. Brendon McDermott was quoted in an article in the The Providence Journal regarding heat related illness. He was also featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Chattanooga Today.

May 2011:

NATA Awards Already Coming in for UTC Students and Alumni

Jessica Guadagno and Marissa Jones, rising Second Year Athletic Training Students in the UTC-GATP were recently notified that they have been selected as winners of NATA Scholarships.  Both students will receive their awards during the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in New Orleans, LA, week of June 19th.

Also, Amanda Ryan was recently named the Junior College/Community College Head Athletic Trainer of the Year through the College and University Athletic Trainers' Committee.  She will receive her award during the NATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium in New Orleans, LA, week of June 19th.  Mandy works as the Head Athletic Trainer at  Louisburg College in Louisburg, NC.

May 2011:

All 14 students passed the exam on their 1st attempt for a 100% passing rate!!!

This is the 2nd year in the past 4 years (2008 the other year) in which UTC-GATP students had a 100% pass rate!

May 2011:

Dr. McDermott & Billy Wilson featured in Chattanooga Times-Free Press

Dr. Brendon McDermott and Billy Wilson (Class of 2011) were the subjects of a recent article concerning their research on cramping and the make up of sweat on athletes who exercise in hot humid environments.  The study was the focus of Billy's required research project with Dr. McDermott serving as his faculty supervisor for the project.

May 2011:

The UTC-GATP Graduates 14 students

14 students graduated on May 7th.  Several family members and friends joined the faculty in congratulating this class of students in the post-commencement social event.  The students' research posters were hung for everyone to see all of the hard work done by the students throughout the semester.

April 2011:

Dr. Colston gives Keynote Address at Graduate Student Awards Reception

Dr. Marisa Colston, Program Director for the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program gave the keynote address to the Annual Graduate Student Awards Reception.  The reception recognizes the achievements of graduate students from this past year. 

April 2011:

John Faltus named Outstanding Graduate Student

John Faltus, second year student in the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program was recently named the Outstanding Graduate Student by the Graduate Student Association for the GATP.  The award is selected by the Graduate Faculty.

April 2011:

Third Annual Graduate Research Day is another success for GATP

Of the 36 posters presented on Graduate Research Day, 16 posters belonged to students of the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program.  The event was sponsored by UTC Office of Sponsored Programs and Partnerships and the UTC Graduate School.  The presentations were the conclusion of a lot of hard work and long hours by both students and faculty.  The titles and authors of the posters are provided below:  

  • BranDee N. Allen, Marisa A. Colston, Gary B. Wilkerson: Cross-Sectional Assessment of the Disinhibiting Effects of Mentholated Gel on Low Back and Quadriceps Activation
  • Joe C. Baugham, Gary B. Wilkerson: Analysis of Anteror-Lateral Rotary Displacement of the Talus in Patients with Chronic Ankle Instability
  • Crystal L. Clark, Gary B. Wilkerson: Diagnostic Ultrasound Detected Degenerative Tendon Changes in the Division I-FCS Collegiate Football Player with Foot/Ankle Injury
  • John Faltus, Brendon P. McDermott: Case of Exertion-Related Collapse in a Male Collegiate Rower
  • John Faltus, Gary Wilkerson: Assessment of the Disinhibiting Effects of Mentholated Gel on Quadriceps Activation Following Knee Surgery
  • Sara Henley, Scott L. Bruce, Brendon P. McDermott, Christopher J. L. Cunningham, Bart Weathington: Relationship of Life Events and Injury Risk in Division I-FCS College Football Players
  • Sara Henley, Scott L. Bruce, Casey Riley: Pneumothorax in a High School Football Player
  • Janet E. Hess, Gary B. Wilkerson, Marisa A. Colston: Prediction of Core Muscle Strains in NCAA Division I-FCS Football Players
  • Erin Karch, Scott L. Bruce, Gary B. Wilkerson: Analysis of College Wrestler Characteristics Relevant to Injury Risk
  • Marjorie M. Leahu, Marisa A. Colston, Gary B. Wilkerson: Lower Extremity Injury Predictors in High School Basketball Athletes
  • Andrea K. Michel, Marisa A. Colston, Jessica L. Tanner: Analysis of College Volleyball Player Characteristics Relevant to Injury Risk
  • Kenta Miyazaki, Gary Wilkerson: Reliability of Two Core Stability Tests Used for Prediction of Injury Risk
  • Meredith Reinecke, Gary Wilkerson: Risk factor for lateral Ankle Sprains in Division I-FCS Football Players
  • Stephanie A. Rynas, Gary B. Wilkerson, Marisa A. Colston: Relationship of Navicular Drop Footprint-Deprived Measurements and Influence of Pronation of Lower Extremity Injury Risk
  • William D. Wilson, Brendon P. McDermott: Evaluation of Sweat Electrolytes in Crampers and Non-crampers
  • Joshua R. Wright, Marisa A. Colston, Gary B. Wilkerson: Athletic Training Education Program Faculty Scholarship Assessment

March 2011:

UTC-GATP faculty makes mark at SEATA 36th Annual Clinical Symposium & Members Meeting

All four UTC faculty members presented at the Southeast Athletic Trainers' Association 36th Annual Clinical Symposium & Members Meeting in Atlanta, GA.  Leading the way was SEATA Hall of Famer Dr. Gary Wilkerson with four different presentations.  Faculty presentations were: (click on titles to links to the presentation notes)

  • Hands on Exam of the Foot & Ankle (Laboratory): Gary Wilkerson, EdD, ATC, FNATA with Sameh Labib, MD and Jeffrey Webb, MD
  • Consequences of Inadequate Treatment of Ankle Pathology in Athletes: Gary Wilkerson, EdD, ATC
  • Assessment of core and lower extremity injury risk:  Gary Wilkerson, EdD, ATC, FNATA& Marisa Colston, PhD, ATC
  • Interactive clinical decision-making for sudden death scenarios (HCM, brain injury, exertional sickling, EHI):  Brendon McDermott, PhD, ATC with Rebecca Lopez PhD, ATC, CSCS
  • Evidence based guidelines for utilization of taping, wrapping and bracing:  Gary Wilkerson, EdD, ATC, FNATA & Scott L. Bruce MS, ATC

March 2011:

McDermott featured in US News and World Report

Dr. Brendon McDermott was featured in an article for US News and World Report on common sense tips for exercising now that the weather is starting to warm up.

February 2011:

Student SEATA Another Successful Trip to Atlanta

All 29 athletic training students attended the 25th Annual Student SEATA Conference held in Atlanta, GA.  Students had 3 tracks from which to choose from. First year students could choose from two tracks: 1) "Prevention, Evaluation & Initial Management of Injuries" or 2) "Therapeutic Exercise, Modalities and Professional Development." The second year students attended the track that focused primarily to assist them in their NATA-Board of Certification Exams.

Here are some of the other highlights from the Conference:

  • Dr. Brendon McDermott presented on "Clinical Management of Heat Illness".
  • For the 12th consecutive year, Dr. Marisa Colston and Dr. Gary Wilkerson presented. Dr. Colston presented on "Lumbosacral Spine" while Dr. Wilkerson spoke on "The Knee." 
  • Scott L. Bruce assisted with three laboratory session: orthotic fabrication, advanced taping techniques, and joint mobilizations and participated in one employment round table.
  • Dr. Brendon McDermott assisted with the Quiz Bowl competition as a member of the District Quiz Bowl Committee. 
  • The 3rd Annual SEATA Quiz Bowl was another energetic and fun filled night. Teams from 22 schools were represented. The UTC Quiz Bowl team of Jennie Hess, Marjorie Leahu, Joe Baugham, and Marjorie Reinecke gave us our best finish to date.  Congratulations to the University of Florida for their 2nd victory in a row where they will now represent District 9 at the NATA National Quiz Bowl in June in New Orleans.

January 2011:

A new feature the UTC-GATP web site

A new feature that we are adding to the alumni page.   If you have had an article or other media event in your life, (TV or radio interview, etc), or know of something that a UTC-GATP alum has been fortunate enough to receive, then please let us know and send us the link if at all possible.  These include research articles or publicity articles that have been written for any periodical or publication.  We will publish the information under your class' list of alumni.  We look forward to posting this information.  Thank you!

January 2011:

John Faltus makes it 4 years in a row for a UTC-GATP Winner of a TATS Scholarship

Mr. John Faltus won the “Graduate Athletic Training Student Scholarship Award” by the Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Society Scholarship during their Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium.  This makes the fourth year in a row that a UTC Athletic Training Student has won this award and six of the last seven winners were UTC students. Winners from previous years were:

2010 - Dana Johnson

2009 – Carlitta Moore

2008 – Candy Anderson

2007 – Erin Sheehan

2005 – Sarah Herskee

2004 – Joshua Porter

January 2011:

UTC Dominates Education Program at TATS Conference

At the recently completed TATS Conference in Nashville, TN all UTC faculty members presented.  Dr. Marisa Colston spoke on Ethic and Athletic Training; Dr. Brendon McDermott presented on Heat Illness; Dr. Gary Wilkerson lectured in conjunction with Dr. Chad Smith (UTC Team Orthopedic) on Diagnostic Ultrasound to Assess Ligament and Tendon Pathology and Pltlet-Rich Plasma Therapy for facilitation of Healing; Mr. Scott Bruce presented a Case Study entitled Pneumothorax in a High School Football Player.  Additionally, Amanda Jo Gundrum (Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer) presented a Case Study entitled Accessory Navicular Syndrome.  One athletic training student, John Faltus, also presented a Case Study regarding Exertional Heat Exhaustion in a Rower.