2010 News and Events

December 2010:

UTC-GATP student vote for SEATA Quiz Bowl team

The 3rd Annual Southeastern Athletic Trainers’ Association Quiz Bowl is to be held in Atlanta, GA on Friday, February 4th. The Athletic Training Students voted by their peers to represent the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program are Jennie Hess, Joe Baugham and Meredith Reinecke and 1st year student Rachel Burdette is the alternate. Congratulations to those students! The team will be called "Team Radiculopathy."  Go to Atlanta kick some gluteus maximus!!!

November 2010

UTC loses wrestling athletic trainer Michael Booi

UTC unfortunately lost a valuable member of their Athletic Training Staff recently when Michael Booi, (wrestling athletic trainer) left the university for a position with the Greenville Road Warriors of the ECHL (formerly known as the East Coast Hockey League.  Working in professional hockey has always been a dream of Mike's and we wish him well.  We will miss you Mike!

October 2010

Basketball AT MacKenzie McDonald featured in article

MacKenzie "Mac" McDonald was featured in an article regarding a new pre-practice routine.  The routine involves active warm-up by doing "some stretching and movement and getting them a sweat" before practice. The two benefits attributed to the new warm-up routine is to prevent injuries and to hasten the process of players getting up to full speed with their heart-rate and blood flow early in practice.  Coach Shulman gives Mac credit for this new routine in the article.  Great job Mack!!!  Keep up the awesome job.

October 2010

Scrub Training is complete, faculty & students soon to be certified as 2nd Surgical Assistants

After many hours of hard work by Drs. Colston and Wilkerson and the good folks at Erlanger Hospital, a long time goal of the UTC-GATP has been realized.  The faculty and students recently completed their scrub training and pending the completion of final paperwork, checking the crossing of the "T's" and dotting of the "I's", they will all be certified as 2nd Surgical Assistants. As such, they may provide assistance to the physicians and scrub nurses in the OR.  "We are extremely pleased to be able to provide this training to our students.  It is yet another key factor in what sets our Graduate Athletic Training Program apart from others athletic training education program across the country," said Dr. Marisa Colston, UTC-GATP Program Director.

September 2010

11th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and Team Radiculapathy

For the third year in a row, 16 friends, students, faculty and staff formed "Team Radiculapathy" and participated in the 11th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  The team raised over $1100 dollars for breast cancer research.  Overall there was an estimated 8500+ runners/walkers in this year's Race and despite some rain showers before and during the Race, spirits remained high. Below is a slide show of pictures from the event.

September 2010

Dr. Wilkerson has been busy!

Dr. Gary Wilkerson has been invited to serve on Secondary School Athletic Training Practice-Based Research Network Advisory Board, A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Health Sciences, Mesa, AZ. He has also been invited to serve on NCAA Injury Surveillance System Data Use Review Committee, Datalys Center, Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Wilkerson will be presenting at the National Athletic Trainers Association Educators Conference, Washington, DC, February 2011 on his research findings related to the "Identification of core and lower extremity sprain and strain risk factors among NCAA Division I-FCS football players".

In July the good professor, presented a lecture on the topic "Clinical Prediction Rules" at the Baptist Sports Medicine and Saint Thomas Health Services Sports Medicine Conference in Nashville, TN.  He also served as lead author for a 2-part report published in the July 2010 issue of Athletic Therapy Today: 1) Rotary ankle instability: overview of pathomechanics and prognosis, and 2) Analysis of rotary ankle instability and taping restraint in a cadaver specimen. Finally, Dr. Wilkerson served as co-author with Dr. Greg Heath and Dr. Burch Oglesby for a report published in the September 2010 issue of ACSM Health; Fitness Journal: Physical activity promotion in a university community. 

So if you have been trying to get a hold of Dr. Wilkerson and not been able to do so, you now know why!  Great job Gary and keep up the good work!

August 2010

Congratulations to Dr. Colston

Dr. Colston was recently promoted to full professorship at the University of Tennesee at Chattanooga.  This is a significant accomplishment for her as well as for any instructor at the university/college level of education.  Obviously, this is a well-earned honor and accomplishment by Dr. Colston.  Please sure to send her a congratulatory note.

July 2010

Not to be outdone by his wife . . .

Dr. Brendon McDermott was featured on a story on WDEF, Channel 12 news recently.  The story was on, what else, exercising in the heat!

July 2010:

Dr. McDermott's wife featured in Chattanooga Times-Free Press

Dr. McDermott's wife, Jamie, a registered dietician is featured in an article entitled: "Jamie McDermott offers help for dieters' dilemmas" in the July 8, 2010 issue of the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.

July 2010:

1 class leaves and another begins

The UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program congratulates all of our graduating athletic training students as they have all stepped from the student category to the certified athletic trainer classification.  UTC's athletic training students continue to pass the NATA BOC exam the 1st time 80% of the time.

June 2010

NATA National Convention Summary

      ***UTC Athletic Training Students receive NATA Scholarships

*Three UTC Athletic Training Students receive NATA Scholarships totalling nearly $7,000.00 in awards.  The winners and the specific scholarship won are as follows:

  • John Faltus - Jerry Rhea Scholarship - Sponsored by: Jerry Rhea/Atlanta Falcons Scholarship Fund
  • Jenny Hess - Jimmy Warfield Memorial Scholarship - Sponsored by: Baseball Team medicine Conference
  • Meredith Reinecke - Jerry Rhea Scholarship - Sponsored by: Jerry Rhea/Atlanta Falcons Scholarship Fund

       ***Dr. Colston wins Service Award

*Dr. Marisa Colston won an NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award.  She was one of 24 Service Award winners.  Support for her application was made by Dr. Gary Wilkerson, Scott Bruce, Dr. David Jenkins, DO and Dr. Mary Tanner, Dean for College of Health, education and Professional Studies.  As Dr. Wilkerson and Mr. Bruce stated in their letter of support:

"Although she has gone far beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions, her priorities have not been compromised. Despite a full academic and administrative workload, Marisa has found time to provide presentations on a wide variety of topics, participate on state, district, and national committees, conduct research, and provide service to the university and the local community. She somehow finds the time to support her husband (a small business owner) and her young son, without anyone feeling that she has neglected their needs or concerns."

Please be sure to send Dr. Colston a congratulatory note as she earned this well deserved award.

*The UTC Alumni Party was hosted at the home of Justin Milozewski ('09) and was attended by about 20 people. It was a fun night of food, friendship and fellowship. Thank you to Justin and his parents for their hospitality. 

Next year's convention is in New Orleans and plans are already underway for the alumni party there!  Plan to attend and we look forward to seeing you there.

May 2010:

UTC-GATP highlighted on Communications and Marketing news web site

As a result of Graduate Research Day last month, the Communications and Marketing Office publicized two (2) research projects.  The first was by Brandy Hemmer, a psychology research graduate student for her research project entitled Are Juries Representative? An Examination of the Representativeness of Jury Panels in Hamilton County, Tennessee, found that Hamilton County jury pools were made up of significantly more older white males with higher levels of education and income.

The second research project highlighted was by Jessica Frame, second year graduate student in the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program. Her research project entitled, Predictors of Low Back and Lower Extremity Injury in NCAA Division I-FCS Football Players.  She determined which players were more likely to sustain low back and lower extremity sprains and strains in football based on the pre-season baseline data that the athletic training program has implemented over the course of the past couple of years.

April 2010:

Dr. McDermott is awarded the Outstanding Research/Scholarship Award

Dr. Brendon McDermott recently received the 2009-10 UTC/College of Health, Education and Professional Studies (CHEP) Award for Outstanding Research/Scholarship Award for his excellence in teaching and in research.  Since coming to UTC he has had 10 research articles published in refereed journals and/or periodicals.  UTC's Graduate Athletic Training Program is fortunate to have such a leading expert in the area of heat and hydration.

April 2010:

Dr. McDermott named to the Medical & Science Advisory Board of the Korey Stringer Institute

Dr. McDermott has recently be named to the Medical & Science Advisory Board of the Korey Stringer Institute. The NFL, Gatorade and the University of Connecticut Neag School of Education are all Korey Stringer Institute Partners.  The mission of the Korey Stringer Institute is to provide first-rate information, resources, assistance and advocacy for the prevention of sudden death in sport, especially as it relates to exertional heat stroke. 

March 2010:

Lots of BIG News in March - Where to begin?

    Wilkerson inducted into the SEATA Hall of Fame - The biggest news of all is that Dr. Gary Wilkerson was inducted into the Southeastern Athletic Trainers' Association Hall of Fame on March 20th. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Wilkerson on this outstand and long overdue award.

    Colston wins NATA Service Award - Dr. Marisa Colston has been awarded one of the NATA Service Awards.  She will receive her award in June during the NATA National Convention and Clinical Symposium in Philadelphia. If you are in Philly, please be sure to come out and support Dr. Colston on Thursday, June 24th at 3:00 PM when she receives this well earned and deserving award.

    McDermott dominates latest Journal of Athletic Training - The most recent issue of JAT (45(2); March/April 2010) has a special section devoted to heat stress.  There are 5 articles in which Dr. McDermott is a co-author.  The publications are as follows:

  • Armstrong LE, Johnson EC, Casa DJ, Ganio MS, McDermott BP, Yamamoto LM, Lopez RM, Emmanuel H. The American football uniform: uncompensable heat stress and hyperthermic exhaustion. J Athl Train. 2010 Mar-Apr;45(2):117-27.
  • Casa DJ, Stearns RL, Lopez RM, Ganio MS, McDermott BP, Walker Yeargin S, Yamamoto LM, Mazerolle SM, Roti MW, Armstrong LE, Maresh CM. Influence of hydration on physiological function and performance during trail running in the heat. J Athl Train. 2010 Mar-Apr;45(2):147-56.
  • Mazerolle SM, Scruggs IC, Casa DJ, Burton LJ, McDermott BP, Armstrong LE, Maresh CM.  Current knowledge, attitudes, and practices of certified athletic trainers regarding recognition and treatment of exertional heat stroke. J Athl Train. 2010 Mar-Apr;45(2):170-80.
  • Johnson EC, Ganio MS, Lee EC, Lopez RM, McDermott BP, Casa DJ, Maresh CM, Armstrong LE.  Perceptual responses while wearing an American football uniform in the heat. J Athl Train. 2010 Mar-Apr;45(2):107-16.
  • Yeargin SW, Casa DJ, Judelson DA, McDermott BP, Ganio MS, Lee EC, Lopez RM, Stearns RL, Anderson JM, Armstrong LE, Kraemer WJ, Maresh CM.  Thermoregulatory responses and hydration practices in heat J Athl Train. 2010 Mar-Apr;45(2):136-46.

    Bruce & Wilkerson publish 2 articles on Clinical Prediction Rules - Do you want to find out what athletes are at risk for injury?  Check out the two articles written by Scott Bruce and Gary Wilkerson in the March 2010 issue of Athletic Therapy Today.  The citations for those 2 articles are:

  • Bruce SL, Wilkerson GB. Clinical Prediction Rules, Part 1: Conceptual Overview. Athl Ther Today. 2010 March; 15(2):4-9.
  • Bruce SL, Wilkerson GB. Clinical Prediction Rules, Part 2: Data Analysis, Procedures and Clinical Application Rules. . Athl Ther Today. 2010 March; 15(2):10-13

February 2010:

UTC-GATP engage in videoconferencing with Guatemalan physicians

Drs. Wilkerson and Colston have been engaging in coordination of videoconferencing session between faculty and staff members of the GATP, UTC Team Physicians and physicians and physiotherapists of the Guatemalan Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation.  The idea for the videoconferencing came about through Dr. Wilkerson and Colston's most recent trip, last summer, to Guatemala for a mission trip with Athletes in Action. The most recent videoconference Dr. J.A. Dorizas, Team Orthopedist, presented a case related to a 20 year-old suffering from a Jones fracture.  An article by Perla Trevizo on this project appeared in the February 22, 2010 Chattanooga Times Free Press.

February 2010

Student SEATA Wrap-up

All 21 of 23 athletic training students attended the 25th Annual Student SEATA Conference held in Atlanta, GA.  Students had 3 tracks from which to choose from. Students early in their academic careers could either choose from the "Prevention, Evaluation & Initial Management of Injuries"  track or a series of courses on "Therapeutic Exercise, Modalities and Professional Development." Those students in the advanced stages of their preparation were able to attend a track that focused primarily to assist them in their NATA-Board of Certification Exams.

Here are some of the other highlights from the Conference:

  • Dr. Marisa Colston and Dr. Gary Wilkerson both presented for the 11th year. Dr. Colston presented on "Lumbosacral Spine" while Dr. Wilkerson spoke on "The Knee." 
  • Scott L. Bruce assisted with four laboratory session: orthotic fabrication, advanced taping techniques, emergency medical procedures and protective splinting and bracing
  • Dr. Brendon McDermott assisted with the Quiz Bowl competition.  He also assisted with four laboratory session: core stability, joint mobilizations, emergency medical procedures and protective splinting and bracing
  • The 2nd Annual SEATA Quiz Bowl was another energetic and fun filled night. Teams from 16 schools were represented. Just like last year, the UTC-GATP contingency showed up in bright colors.  Last year we wore bright yellow.  This year, we wore our “hot pink” t-shirts that were used for the Race for the Cure” in September.   Our Quiz Bowl team of Jennie Hess, Katherine Hopkins, Kayla Kroeschen and David Wilkenfeld gave a strong showing, but came up short in our efforts to represent District 9 in the NATA National Quiz Bowl. Congratulations to the University of Florida for their victory. Good luck in June in Philly.

February 2010:

Summary of Recent Publications by UTC-GATP Faculty

UTC-GATP faculty have been busy with research and publications.  Below is a list of the publications that have appeared in the literature over the course of the past 6 months or so.

  • McDermott BP, Casa DJ, Yeargin SW, Ganio MS, Lopez RM, Mooradian EA. Hydration status, sweat rates, and rehydration education of youth football campers. J Sport Rehabil. 2009 Nov;18(4):535-52.
  • Beasley KN, Lee EC, McDermott BP, Yamamoto LM, Emmanuel H, Casa DJ, Armstrong LE, Kraemer WJ, Maresh CM. The effect of oral vs. Intravenous rehydration on circulating myoglobin and creatine kinase. J Strength Cond Res. 2010 Jan;24(1):60-7.
  • Armstrong LE, Klau JF, Ganio MS, McDermott BP, Yeargin SW, Lee EC, Maresh CM. Accumulation of 2H2O in plasma and eccrine sweat during exercise-heat stress. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2010 Feb;108(3):477-82.
  • Stearns RL, Casa DJ, Lopez RM, McDermott BP, Ganio MS, Decher NR, Scruggs IC, West AE, Armstrong LE, Maresh CM. Influence of hydration status on pacing during trail running in the heat. J Strength Cond Res. 2009 Dec;23(9):2533-41.
  • McDermott BP, Casa DJ, O'Connor FG, Adams WB, Armstrong LE, Brennan AH, Lopez RM, Stearns RL, Troyanos C, Yeargin SW. Cold-water dousing with ice massage to treat exertional heat stroke: a case series. Aviat Space Environ Med. 2009 Aug;80(8):720-2.
  • Adeniji O; Mokha M; Wilkerson GB. Headache disorders in athletes. Athl Ther Today. 2009 Jul;14 (4):17-20
  • Wilkerson GB. Access to relevant information is essential for success in problem solving. Athl Ther Today, 2009 Jan;14 (1):1

January 2010:

Accreditation Finally Approved!

The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) has approved our continued accreditation our Athletic Training Program for the full 10 years, which is the maximum that a program can be accredited.  This means our next accreditation will not be until 2019.  Congratulations to Dr. Marisa Colston for all of her hard work, sweat, blood and tears that she no doubt sacrificed and gave in the effort to promote the program and have CAATE approve our accreditation.

January 2010:

Study on Metabolic Syndrome in Intercollegiate Football author by UTC Athletic Trainers

In the January/February issue of the Journal of Athletic Training there will be an article entitled: Identification of Cardiometabolic Risk Among Collegiate Football Players.  The articles authors are Dr. Gary B. Wilkerson, Professor/Director of Research, Todd Bullard, Head Athletic Trainer and David W. Bartal, former Clinical Coordinator for the Graduate Athletic Training Program and alum of the GATP, Class of 2006.  Some very interesting and valuable findings came out of the research.

January 2010:

McDermott speaks at the Summit on the Youth Sports Safety Crisis in America

Dr. Brendon McDermott spoke on Exertional Heat Illness at the Summit on the Youth Sports Safety Crisis in America, in Sacramento, CA.  The Summit was sponsored by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and supported by numerous organizations.  These included: the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Chiropractic Association Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness, the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches & Administration, the American Football Coaches Association, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the California Brain Injury Association, The American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, the National Academy of Neuropsychology, National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Association of School Nurses, the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association, the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research, the National Cheer Safety Foundation, ImPACT Applications, Inc., the National Center for Sports Safety, the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity, the National Council of Youth Sports, the National American Booster Club Association, the National Sport Safety Organization, the North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine, Parent Heart Watch, the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers’ Association, the Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc., the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society, Safe Kids, the Taylor Hooton Foundation, the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundation, and USA Football.

January 2010:

Congratulation to Dana Johnson for winning a TATS Scholarship

On January 10, 2010, second year student, Ms. Dana Johnson was presented with the “Graduate Athletic Training Student Scholarship Award” by the Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Society Scholarship during their Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium.  This makes the fourth year in a row that a UTC Athletic Training Student has won this award and six of the last seven winners were UTC students. Previous winners were:

2009 – Carlitta Moore

2008 – Candy Anderson

2007 – Erin Sheehan

2005 – Sarah Herskee

2004 – Joshua Porter

January 2010:

UTC names team for SEATA Quiz Bowl

The 2nd Southeastern Athletic Trainers’ Association Quiz Bowl is to be held in Atlanta, GA on Friday, February 5th. The Athletic Training Students that were voted upon by their peers to represent the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program are David Wilkenfeld, Katherine Hopkins, and Kayla Kroeschen while 1st year student Janet (Jennie) Hess is the alternate. Congratulations to those students! The team will be called "Team Radiculopathy."  Go to Atlanta kick some gluteus maximus!!!