2009 News and Events

December 2009:

McDermott published internationally

UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program's Clinical Coordinator, Dr. Brendon McDermott was one of 7 authors of a paper that was recently published on-line in the European Journal of Applied Physiology. (Armstrong LE, Klau JF, Ganio MS, McDermott  BP et al. Accumulation of 2H2O (deuterium oxide) in plasma and eccrine sweat during exercise-heat stress. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2010;108:477–482)  The UTC-GATP continues to benefit from Dr. McDermott's knowledge and research in this crucial area of needed research.

December 2009:

Bruce writes article for Coach & Athletic Director

With all of the discussions surrounding concussions this past football season, Scott Bruce wrote an article for the December issue of Coach & Athletic Director magazine addressing the problem.  From an athletic training point of view there is nothing earth shattering or life changing, but it might be a nice way in which you can illustrate the importance of baseline testing and the use of objective tools for concussion assessment.

September 2009:

Athletic Trainers make an impact for Breast Cancer

The 10th Annual Susan G. Komen Chattanooga Race for the Cure was held on Sunday, September 27, 2009.  The Graduate Athletic Training Program entered a team, (Team Radiculopathy) and had a small but determined number of participants.  There were a total of 12 athletic trainers out of 7,500+ runners ran in the Race.  Our small number still managed to raise well over $1,300 for breast cancer research. 

The other big news of the Race was that 2nd year athletic training student, Axel Melendez, (from Puerto Rico) came in 3rd overall for the male division.  Congratulation Axel! 

September 2009:

UTC Athletic Trainers published in Coach & Athletic Director magazine

If you can get your hands on the September 2009 issues of Coach and Athletic Director magazine, there is a great article written by Dr. Gary Wilkerson, Dr. Marisa Colston and Mr. Todd Bullard entitled "Working with the High-Ankle Sprain."  Look for future articles in this magazine as our Athletic Training Program has been asked to make several future contributions to the publications.

July 2009:

Welcome to the Class of 2011!!!

We would like to welcome 16 new students into our family.  They began their journey to become certified athletic trainers in early July.  We are very proud of this class as it is a diverse group coming from all corners of the USA and from a variety of backgrounds. 

June 2009:

2009 NATA Convention Highlights

  • Dr. Gary Wilkerson and Mr. Scott Bruce along with Dr. Craig Denegar from the University of Connecticut did a Featured Presentation on Clinical Prediction Rules.  Unfortunately it was the final session of the convention, so the attendance was not all that great, but the presentations went off great and there is hope that they will be able to present again in the very near future.
  • Dr. Gary Wilkerson presented a workshop on Injury Prevention Strategies.
  • The UTC Alumni Party was well attended. About 25 people made there way to Waxy O'Connor's for a fun night. We are already planning for next year's alumni party in Philadelphia. 

June 2009:

2009 World Federation of Athletic Training & Therapy Highlights

Dr. Marisa Colston, Dr. Gary Wilkerson and Scott Bruce all attended the 3rd World Federation of Athletic Training & Therapy just prior to the NATA Convention in San Antonio, TX.  Both Dr. Colston and Dr. Wilkerson presented research posters during the conference.  Dr. Colston's poster was entitled: "Back Extensor Fatigue Resistance and trunk Range of Motion as Indicators of Risk for Back Dysfunction" (Colston M, Wilkerson GB, Jackson RP and Herskee SK) and Dr. Wilkerson's was titled: "Novel Balance Measures Discriminate Between Copers and Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability" (Wilkerson GB, Doty J, Hollis JM and Gurchiek LR)

May 2009:

Drs. Colston and Wilkerson go to Guatemala

Both Dr. Colston and Dr. Wilkerson have gone to Guatemala for an "Athletes in Action" mission trip.  Not only will they be the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but they will also be spreading the Gospel according to Arnheim to several physicians, physio-therapists and other practitioners interested in sports medicine and athletic training.  In addition to giving several lectures on a variety of topics, they will also conduct workshops and clinics on injury evaluation and rehabilitation.  During their 1 week visit they will have several opportunities to interact with a wide range of Guatemalan athletes including those that are part of the Guatemalan Olympic team.

May 2009:


On Sunday May 3rd, 13 students walked across the stage and accepted their diploma's for their Master's degree.  (Slide show coming soon!)  Following the Commencement Ceremony a reception was held for the graduates and their families.  The new graduates' research posters were on display for everyone to see.  The new grads are now looking for jobs, so if you know of a job out there someplace contact Dr. Marisa Colston, Dr. Gary Wilkerson or Mr. Scott Bruce and we will either direct you to the appropriate individual or we will direct them to you.

April 2009:

Research Poster Presentations at Orthopedic Grand Rounds

As a requirement of the Graduate Athletic Training Program, the 2nd year students must complete a research project and present it in a research poster format.  These posters are presented as part of the monthly Orthopedic Grand Rounds.  This year two students provided an oral presentation of their research posters.  Laura Freisse presented her research on "Predictors of shoulder injuries in collegiate volleyball athletes."  Amanda Hughes presented her research project entitled "Association of estimated body fat and Body Mass Index with injury patterns among college football players."  In addition to these oral presentations, students were on hand with their posters to answer questions from faculty and staff outside of the Graduate Athletic Training Program and from the physicians in attendance at the Orthopedic Grand Rounds.

April 2009:

Awards galore earned by UTC Athletic Training Students

Several athletic training students have been awarded scholarship and/or internships/fellowships for the upcoming summer.  The list is as follows:

  • David Wilkenfeld - NATA Research and Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Dana Johnston - NATA Research and Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Cameron Buchanan - Athletes in Action mission internship to Armenia
  • Cameron Buchanan and BranDee Allen - Woodward Extreme Sport Camp internship
  • Axel Melendez - NASA internship
  • Katherine Hopkins - PBATS internship
  • Jessica Frame - Champion Sports Medicine internship, Birmingham, AL
  • Amanda Hughes - Emory University Orthopedic Physician Extender/Athletic Trainer Fellowship

February 2009:

Great job "Radiculopathy" in the 1st SEATA Quiz Bowl!!!

UTC's entry of team Radiculopathy made up of 2nd year students Amanda Hughes, Laura Friess, David Ivens and Dustin Seibel (alternate) did an outstanding job in the 1st SEATA Quiz Bowl.  The entire contingency of UTC athletic trainers faculty, staff and students definitely stood out as everyone wore bright yellow t-shirts and showed extremely strong support for our team.

The Quiz Bowl was a Jeopardy like game and featured an initial 12 teams.  The first round was the "Lightening Round."  The 1st team to answer 2 out 3 questions correctly advanced onto the championship round.  Radiculopathy won that round 2-0 to advance to the Championship Round. 

During the Championship Round the remaining 6 teams played a Jeopardy style game in which not only did teams earn point for correct answers, but speed also earned teams a greater number of points.  During most of the game, Radiculopathy was in 2nd place and in good position to win trailing the University of Florida team "Trendelenburg" by about 300 points after Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy.  But alas, the Final Jeopardy question was too difficult for all of the teams and Eastern Kentucky University's team (the Colonels) wagered the fewest points and roared from the back of the pack to win the title.  UTC's Graduate Athletic Training Program congratulates the Eastern Kentucky Univeristy Athletic Training Students and wishes them good luck in San Antonio!

February 2009:

UTC shows its strength at the 24th Annual Student SEATA

All 25 athletic training students attended the 24th Annual Student SEATA Conference held in Atlanta, GA.  Additionally Dr. Marisa Colston and Dr. Gary Wilkerson presented at the conference for the 10th year.
Students had 3 tracks from which to choose from. Students early in their academic careers could either choose from the "Prevention, Evaluation & Initial Management of Injuries"  track or a series of courses on "Therapeutic Exercise, Modalities and Professional Development." Those students in the advanced stages of their preparation were able to attend a track that focused primarily to assist them in their NATA-Board of Certification Exams.
Both Drs. Colston and Wilkerson presented in the Advanced Track Workshop. Dr. Colston presented on "Lumbosacral Spine" while Dr. Wilkerson spoke on "The Knee."

January 2009:

Chattanooga hosts the Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Society Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium

The Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Society (TATS) brought their Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium to Chattanooga the weekend of January 10th and 11th.  The TATS Educational Programming Committee was Co-chaired by Dr. Marisa Colston, UTC Athletic Training Education Program Director.  The symposium was filled with many UTC faculty, staff, physician and auxiliary persons.  There was also a wonderful representation of students and alumni for this event.  Below is a list of presenters with their topics that had affiliations with UTC-GATP:

Presenter and Affiliation to UTC-GATP

Title of Presentation

Mr. Todd Bullard,
Head Athletic Trainer

Emergency Planning w/ Local EMS

Dr. Gregory Heath,
Chair, HHP Depart.

Athletic Training and Public Health

Dr. Michael Tew,
Orthopedic Consultant

Osteochondral Defects of the Knee

Dr. Cameron Trubey,
Assistant Team Physician

Eye Injuries in the Athlete

Dr. Chris Smith,
Nurse Practitioner, University Health Services

Type I Diabetes in the Athlete

Dr. Gary Wilkerson,
Professor, UTC-GATP

Evaluation and Management of the Syndesmotic Ankle Sprain

Dr. Jason Robertson,
Co-Medical Director, UTC-GATP

Adolescent Sports Medicine

Dr. Barry Dale,
Assistant Professor, UTC Physical Therapy Program

Extrinsic Cooling for the Management and Prevention of Hyperthermia

Ms. Kelly Jacob,
UTC Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for Softball

Case Review: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in a Collegiate Softball Player

Mr. Scott L. Bruce,
Lecturer/Assistant Athletic Trainer

Case Review: Lateral Knee Pain in an Intercollegiate Football Player

January 2009:

Congratulation to Carlitta Moore for winning a TATS Scholarship

On January 11, 2009, second year student, Ms. Carlitta Moore was presented with the “Graduate Athletic Training Student Scholarship Award” by the Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Society Scholarship during their Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium.

This makes the third year in a row that a UTC Athletic Training Student has won this award and five of the last six winners were UTC students.  Previous winners were:

      • 2004 – Joshua Porter
      • 2005 – Sarah Herskee
      • 2007 – Erin Sheehan
      • 2008 – Candy Anderson

January 2009:

UTC names team for SEATA Quiz Bowl

The 1st Southeastern Athletic Trainers’ Association Quiz Bowl is to be held in Atlanta, GA on Friday, February 6th.  The Athletic Training Students that were voted upon by their peers to represent the UTC Graduate Athletic Training Program are Laura Friess, Amanda Hughes, Dave Iven and Dustin Siebel.  Congratulations to those students!  The team will be called "Radiculopathy." Go kick some gluteus maximus!!!