Clinical Education

Clinical education will follow a logical progression that allows for increasing amounts of clinically supervised responsibility leading to autonomous practice upon graduation. The clinical education plan outlines the sequence of formal instruction of athletic training knowledge, skills, and clinical abilities, including clinical decision-making.

Clinical education will provide students with authentic, real-time opportunities to practice and integrate athletic training (AT) knowledge, skills, and clinical abilities, including decision-making and professional behaviors required of the profession in order to develop proficiency as an Athletic Trainer.

Clinical education will allow students opportunities to practice with different patient populations, health care providers, and in various health care settings relative to UTC-GATP mission statement.

Clinical Education Plan (PDF Download)

Leave Request Form (PDF Download)

Once notified of admittance into the GATP, students must meet the following requirements prior to beginning the clinical education component of the program:

As a student in the GATP, you will be working in a variety of health care settings. The UTC-GATP has established guidelines which comply with the CAATE Accreditation Standards, as well as the recommendations of the GATP Medical Director and University Health Services. Students must fulfill these requirements by July 15 (Background Check by May 30th) in order to start the clinical education component of the curriculum.

Complete the following requirements:

1) Immunizations and Technical Standards

  • The UTC-GATP Medical History Form will be accepted. The form consists of the following components:
    • Medical History (to be completed by student)
    • Immunization record (completed by student and reviewed by physician)
  • Students must complete their immunization information on the medical history form. Failure to do so will result in a delay in the start of the clinical component of the GATP until fulfillment of the requirement.
  • The GATP will not provide nor cover the costs for immunization or laboratory testing. The student can coordinate needed updates (i.e., Hepatitis B vaccine, Tuberculin testing, tetanus booster, etc.) through UTC Student Health or through their own primary care physician.
  • PPD (Mantoux) for Tuberculin testing can be completed at the University Health Services. Test must be read in the University Health Services within 48-72 hours. This testing is required annually and should be scheduled to cover the entire clinical component time frame (August to the following July).

Technical Standards 
Technical Standards are abilities that a person must possess and be able to perform to be an athletic trainer. These abilities are evaluated by a physician during the physical examination and by yourself on the Technical Standards form. If there is any question as to whether these abilities can be performed, the Office of Student with Disabilities will be contacted and the student will be evaluated. Technical Standards form is available HERE

2) Current CPR Certification (online CPR courses are not accepted).

  • Student are required to be certified in CPR prior to entering the GATP.
  • Upon entering the GATP, students will be recertified in CPR prior to the start of the clinical experience.
    • Recertification will be Health Care Provider certification for CPR by the American Heart Association as required by our sports medicine and medical partner 

3) Purchase Individual Student Professional Liability Insurance

  • Coverage of a minimum of $1,000,000 per incidence/occurrence and $3,000,000 annual aggregate is required.
  • Students can purchase the liability insurance through companies such as HPSO (, recommended or through the UTC Bursar’s Office in the University Center.
    • Cost = $25.00 - $40.00
    • You will need to bring verification of coverage (not receipt)

4) Criminal Background Check

  • Must be completed by May 30th. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) requires verification of competency of all individuals who have direct contact with patients or employees; this includes students doing clinical rotations in the facility. Competency extends beyond technical skills to an individual’s criminal history.

5) Health Physical

  • May be completed on or off campus. If completed off campus, you must use our Physical Health Form. If you chose to complete on campus, we will arrange appointment times once you arrive. You will need a copy of your immunizations!
  • Physical: $25.00 (University Health Services)


ON CAMPUS Requirements 

The following requirements will be completed once the GATP student is ON CAMPUS

6) Drug screen - 10 panel screen

  • $20.00 at Student Health 

7)  OSHA/TOSHA fit-testing for N95 particular respirator mask (includes respirator training)

  • Conducted at Chattanooga Work Force: $15.00 

8)  TB skin test

  • Must be negative within the past 12 months and proof of test and test results if test is done prior to coming to UTC
  • Annually required
  • $5.00 at Student Health

9)  Flu Shot

  • Required annually administered during “flu season”
  • Can receive from student health or elsewhere 

10)  Signed HIPAA/Privacy/Confidential Form 

11)  Signed Code of Conduct Form

  • Student Policy Manual & CIP Signature Page 

12)  OSHA - Blood-Borne Pathogens Training Completed Form 

13)  Regulatory Orientation Modules on TCPS website

  • Annually required
  • $10.00