General Education Rhetoric & Writing Category Outcomes

In general, students must complete six (6) credit hours in the Rhetoric and Writing Category. This requirement typically consists of two sequential 3-hour courses to be taken consecutively, each with a grade of C or better. Students are expected to complete this requirement within the first 30 attempted credit hours. Students with ACT-English scores of 30 or above (SAT Verbal of 680 or above) are exempt from the first course in this sequence.

Some students may not be eligible to enroll in general education courses in this category until they fulfill prescribed course requirements. See the UTC catalog section on Advising, Orientation, and Registration and information about directed self-placement for further information.

Category Purpose:

The purpose of this category is to develop a student’s ability to read and write critically and communicate effectively in a variety of genres and contexts.

Rhetoric and Writing: Course I

Category Outcomes:  Upon completion of the required credit hours in this course and receipt of a grade of C or better, students will be able to:

  • Read and understand multiple genres and texts.
  • Use academic writing strategies with an emphasis on developing ideas, formulating a thesis, constructing an argument, and adjusting organization and details to meet audience needs.
  • Use revision strategies to clarify and improve a writing project’s purpose, thesis, organization, use of supporting details, use of source material, and audience appropriateness.
  • Work effectively in peer groups to give and receive feedback on emerging drafts.
  • Use at least one multi-subject database to find relevant research and effectively incorporate material from their research into formal assignments.
  • Apply basic citation principles in at least one style (such as MLA or APA).
  • Complete formal writing projects using appropriate grammar, mechanics, formatting, and tone.

Rhetoric and Writing: Course II

Category Outcomes: Upon completion of the required credit hours in this course and receipt of a grade of C or better, students will be able to:

  • Develop effective arguments for multiple audiences using appropriate rhetorical strategies and various types of evidence.
  • Develop a focused research question and identify research strategies for finding appropriate primary and secondary sources.
  • Understand and use several multi-subject databases to locate sources; evaluate sources for reliability and persuasive potential; understand and use other research methods where appropriate.
  • Effectively and ethically incorporate the words and ideas of others into their own original writing.
  • Confidently use at least one common citation method, (such as MLA or APA).
  • Successfully complete several formal writing projects, including research-driven arguments, using appropriate grammar, mechanics, formatting, and tone.