General Education Non-Western Culture Category Outcomes

General Education courses in Non-Western Culture may be certified for a second general education category or subcategory. If courses are selected with care, students will be able to use one course to fulfill both the Non-Western category and another General Education category at the same time. However students must still complete 40-41 credit hours in the general education curriculum.

Category Purpose:

Courses in this category will investigate some aspect of a culture whose dominant traditions originate outside of “Western” (as defined below) traditions, values, and systems of thought and belief. The purpose of this category is to ensure that students explore at least one culture outside of the Euro-American framework. Students are required to take one course certified in this category. This course may also be certified in another category or subcategory.

Category Outcomes:

Upon completion of the required credit hours in this subcategory, students will be able to:

  • Identify and analyze knowledge, artifacts, or practices of at least one non-Western* culture.
  • Recognize and articulate the complexities of human differences within the culture or cultures under examination.
  • Draw comparisons between the culture or cultures under examination and Western* traditions or practices.