General Education The Natural Sciences Category Outcomes

Students must complete seven or eight (7-8) credit hours of courses in the Natural Sciences category. At least one course will include a laboratory component that contributes to ¼ of the final grade. The laboratory component grade may be reported separately. Students are encouraged to check the specific requirements for their major for this category.

Category Purpose:

The purpose of this category is to allow students to participate in the systematic ways in which human beings analyze the physical universe, to appreciate the achievements of the human mind in comprehending the universe, and to understand the significant role of the natural sciences in human development.

Category Outcomes:

Upon completion of the required credit hours in this category, students will be able to:

  • Explain intellectual foundations, conceptual approaches, and methodologies of the natural sciences.
  • Understand and explain scientific terminology.
  • Discuss historical, social and political issues related to scientific data and advances.
  • Construct graphic and analytical models from a description of a specific natural phenomenon.
  • Formulate a hypothesis based on empirical data.
  • Apply the scientific method to solve problems.
  • Design experiments to test hypotheses.
  • Express conclusions and implications from scientific experiments using a variety of methods.

Additional Category Outcomes for Classes with a Lab Component:

  • Experience the methods and technology of scientific inquiry.
  • Demonstrate significant concepts of the discipline.
  • Use scientific technology to gather and interpret data.
  • Practice the development of independent thought.