General Education Mathematics Category

In general, students must complete three (3) credit hours in the Mathematics Category. Students are expected to complete this requirement within the first 30 attempted credit hours. Students with ACT-Math scores of 28 or above (SAT Math of 630 or above) are exempt from this requirement.

Some students may not be eligible to enroll in general education courses in this category until they fulfill prescribed course requirements. See the UTC catalog section, “Advising, Orientation, and Registration,” ( for further information.

Category Purpose:

The purpose of this category is to develop students’ ability to use abstract and deductive reasoning, to think logically and creatively about quantitative phenomena, and to analyze and solve real-world and abstract mathematical problems.

Category Outcomes:

Upon completion of the required credit hours in this category, students will be able to:

  • Explain key mathematical concepts or prove mathematical statements.
  • Describe both the strengths and limitations of mathematics in addressing human problems.
  • Use a variety of appropriate mathematical concepts, skills, tools, and methods to solve quantitative problems that arise in students’ personal or professional lives.
  • Analyze and resolve real-world and abstract quantitative situations that require critical thinking, logical reasoning, and the ability to identify assumptions and separate relevant from irrelevant information.
  • Communicate, interpret, and justify results with clarity and coherence.