General Education Literature Subcategory Outcomes

Subcategory Purpose:

The goal of the literature subcategory is to promote critical engagement with the written word through prose, poetry, and drama. Students will acquire skills in the analysis and interpretation of texts and deepen their knowledge of the ways in which figurative language contributes to human thought and expression. Courses in this category should promote college-level reading skills through an emphasis on comprehension, building vocabulary, and exposure to a range of literary expression. Students are encouraged to check the specific requirements for their major for this category.

Subcategory Outcomes:

Upon completion of the required credit hours in this subcategory, students will be able to:

  • Recognize and analyze figurative language.
  • Identify and discuss multiple levels of meaning.
  • Construct theses and logical arguments related to the meaning or contexts of texts.
  • Arbitrate competing interpretations.
  • Articulate differences in genre (e.g. fiction, poetry, drama, etc.) and sub-genre (e.g. short story, essay, epic, sonnet, etc.).
  • Address the influence of cultural and historical contexts on literary texts.
  • Read and comprehend college-level literature.