As a department with an engaged metropolitan university, UTC's Financial Wellness Center is in an unique position, which allows it to facilitate and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of financial education on campus and in the community. The Financial Wellness Center seeks to fulfill its mission by creating and utilizing community partnerships, which creates a synergy that can maximize impact.

The following list contains areas of The Financial Wellness Center's expertise for not only UTC but also the community:

  • Creating a budget/spending plan
  • Building/maintaining credit
  • Monitoring credit and avoiding identity theft
  • Debt elimination 
  • Saving/investment education
  • Student loan management 
  • Post college expenses 

On Campus Services 

College students today are enrolled in challenging economic times, resulting in widespread tuition increases, amplified student loan borrowing and a high correlation between money management and stress. The Financial Wellness Center is built to optimize student success both while attending UTC and after graduation by improving students' financial capability. Our hope is that they will become quality graduates and representatives of UTC for the Chattanooga community workforce and be engaged alumni.

Off Campus Services

The Financial Wellness Center can be utilized as a strong resource and proponent for financial literacy and college readiness in the community. We have and will continue to help students and community members gain important financial skills and knowledge that can help them view attending college as a distinct reality while also providing concrete steps for preparing financially.