UT Promise

UT Promise is a new undergraduate scholarship program guaranteeing free tuition and mandatory fees for qualifying Tennessee residents attending UT's campuses in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Martin and Memphis. Launching in fall 2020, this innovative scholarship will cover a student's last-dollar amount of tuition and mandatory fees after other financial aid is applied (such a Pell grants, HOPE Scholarship or other institutional scholarships) to students who qualify for HOPE and whose family income is under $50,000 per year.

For more information, including application steps, requirements and deadlines, visit the UT Promise web site.

Community Service Definition and Guidelines

Community Service is the “hands-on” time spent engaging in action to meet the needs of others to improve, support and enhance the UTC or surrounding communities as a whole, helping to foster social change.

Community Service Guidelines:

  • Benefiting organizations must be recognized as a non-profit or cause based. The service provided can not financially benefit an on-campus student organization, campus athletic team, or an associated student leader with the entity.
  • Self-directed projects without the oversight of a supporting community organization, such as trash pick-up or recycling; helping an elderly neighbor with yard-work; baby-sitting/pet-setting or tutoring for a private individual or entity; do not qualify as community service hours.
  • Community Service hours associated with an academic course, academic requirements, conduct sanctions, or criminal proceedings would not normally count as service hours.
  • Any events or meetings related to planning or executing a community service initiative do not qualify as community service hours.
  • Community Service hours can not be compensated.
  • Only the hours spent directly engaging in service during volunteer trips qualify as community service hours, but not any time associated with travel to/from the site, breaks, socializing, or overnight accommodations.
  • Helping with set-up/tear-down for an event would be considered community service, but assisting with sign-in/participation management prior to an event would not be considered community service.
  • Religious education (i.e. teaching or tutoring) or volunteering at a place of worship count as community service hours, but not events (i.e. tabling) that involve direct religious persuasion and/or fundraising.
  • Bi-partisan political activities, such as working a voter registration drive on or off campus, can be considered community service hours.
  • Volunteering for specific on-campus events or programs, such as Operation Move-In and at Scrappy’s Cupboard, may be considered community service. 

Service Agencies, Campus Organizations, and Events

The below link contains a list of opportunities where volunteers are frequently needed. These agencies and organizations rely on the continuous involvement of community members. Students are reminded that they are always representing UTC while volunteering, regardless of location. Students are encouraged to learn/touch base with the site before volunteering to be aware of expectations (i.e. completing an application, dress code, etc.) and to determine if it is an appropriate fit.

Click here to download the UTC Community Service Agencies, Campus Events and Organizations List (Updated on 1/6/2021)

Community Response and Relief Efforts

Below you will find a link to immediate volunteer needs that are needed as a result of COVID-19. Students should only volunteer if they feel comfortable and safe while be attentive to the Center for Disease Control Guidelines.


Upcoming Opportunities

To Be Determined.

Community Service Tracking Form

Submit Community Service Hours  or Check your submissions

Any specific questions regarding the community service definition (i.e. what activity, events, or initiatives meet the above regulations), opportunities, or the tracking form itself should be directed to Daniel Grzesik (Daniel-Grzesik@utc.edu), Director of Leadership Development and Programs. Forms should be completed with as many details as possible. Upon submission, you will see a "Thank you! Your form has been submitted" message on your screen. You will also receive an automated email from forms@utc.edu entitled "UT Promise Community Service Submission Confirmation". This email will provide directions on how to review your submission.