Financial Aid Office Mission Statement

The mission of UTC's Financial Aid Office is to remove financial barriers, provide access to higher education and to provide students and their families with courteous and efficient financial services while complying with all federal, state and University policies.

The Financial Aid Office will:

  1. Support the recruitment, retention and academic success of a diverse student body, while complying with all federal, state and University system policies and regulations. The Office will formulate policies and procedures that are sensitive to students' needs and support student success.
  2. Provide assistance to students and their families in an accurate, efficient and timely manner, so that students are well informed about their financing options. We will treat all students with care and respect and at all times maintain the confidentiality of personal information of our students and their families.
  3. The Financial Aid Office serves the metropolitan area by providing financial aid services to the general public, providing information to make attending college a reality.