2019-2020 Academic Year Online Dynamic Forms

Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020

Financial aid forms should be submitted online via a secure process provided by a third-party servicer. This online submission process is protected by your UTC CAS (Central Authentication Service) login.

All requested verification documents can be accessed one of two ways:

  1. Access requested documents through your MyMocsNet account. Log in to your MyMocsNet account, click on the "Money" tab. The links to requested documents can be found under "Financial Aid Requirements." Click on the form link, log in to CAS, complete the form and submit online.
  2. Access and complete requested documents through the links provided in the missing document email sent to you. Click the link to the form, log in to CAS and submit the form online.

We can no longer accept a copy of your tax return if selected for verification. Instead, document requested tax information using the IRS Data Retrieval or request a copy of your tax return transcript in pdf format at www.IRS.gov.

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My Online Forms

  • Click here - to return to an online form you have saved or check the status of an online form you have already submitted.
  • Document Upload - Upload additional documents that you want to submit to the financial aid office for review.

Below are forms you may need to submit, but are not available to you through your MyMocsNet Account. Once forms are completed, you should submit them online to the Financial Aid Office.

Loan Forms

PLUS Loan Forms:

The 2019-2020 Parent PLUS application will be available on or after April 1, 2019.

To ensure that the Parent PLUS Loan credit check remains valid through the disbursement date, we recommend completing the Parent PLUS loan application April 1 or after at www.studentloans.gov.

Once your parent has completed the Parent PLUS Loan application at www.studentloans.gov and the loan is approved or denied, a Parent PLUS Approval or Parent PLUS Denial form should be completed. The forms will be available on or after June 15, 2019.


Appeal Forms

  • Financial Aid Appeal FormComplete and submit this form if you want to appeal your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress. This form is used if you have had grade or credit-hour troubles due to circumstances beyond your control.
    • Summer 20 SAP Appeals Due - - - TBD
    • Summer 19 SAP Appeal Decisions avaliable - - - TBD.
  • Graduation Plan - Complete this form and submit along with your Financial Aid Appeal Form only if you are appealing 150 percent.
  • Cost of Attendance Appeal - Complete this form if you are requesting your financial aid cost of attendance allowance (budget) be adjusted due to additional expenses you have or an enrollment increase after the first day of classes. Note: If requesting additional loans in conjunction with this increase, the Loan Adjustment Request Formmust be completed, as well.
  • Tennessee HOPE Scholarship Reinstatement Request Form - If you think you may be eligible to regain the HOPE Scholarship, submit this form.
  • Tennessee HOPE Scholarship Appeal - This form is used when one of the following occurred due to circumstances beyond the student's control:
    • You have totally withdrawn from classes for the term
    • You have dropped below full-time (or below half-time enrollment) after the 14th day of classes (last day to drop before a W is received)
    • You have taken a fall or spring semester off
    • You did not enroll in college within 16 months of high school graduation
  • UTC Scholarship Appeal -This form is used when one of the following occurred due to circumstances beyond the student's control:
    • You did not maintain the required cumulative GPA
    • You did not pass the required number of credit hours (or service/work hours)
    • You have taken a fall or spring semester off

Other Important Forms

  • 2019-2020 Request for Supplemental Funds - Complete this form if you are requesting the Federal SEOG Grant (must be Pell eligible and have an EFC of zero for SEOG eligibility).
  • Concurrent Enrollment Form - Complete this form if you wish to receive financial aid at UTC (home institution) based on the hours enrolled at another (host) institution. Note: The aid processed based on the information submitted on this form may not be available at the time fees are due at the other institution. This form will be available after July 1.
  • Course Evaluation Form - Complete this form if you have an exception situation (a pre-req is not counting, petition approved after 14th day, error in MyMocsDegree, or other special circumstances). For more information, please visit the Counting Courses web page.