2013-2014 Academic Year Forms

(Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Summer 2014)

Please note: All 2013-2014 forms must be printed and faxed, mailed, or brought to the Financial Aid Office.

Beginning Fall 2012, we can no longer accept a copy of your tax return if selected for verification. We encourage you to document requested tax information using the IRS Data Retrieval or request a copy of your tax return transcript in pdf format at www.IRS.gov.

The financial aid forms listed below are Adobe PDF documents. Forms must be printed and may be faxed to the Office of Financial Aid. Please allow 3 - 5 business days for your request to be satisfied. Processing of your request may take up to an additional 3 -5 business days. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you may download it free. Get Adobe Reader

Verification Forms - Please submit ONLY if requested by the Financial Aid Office

Loan Forms

  • 2013-2014 UTC PLUS Information Form- Complete this form once your parent has completed the Parent PLUS Loan application at www.studentloans.gov  (2013-14 PLUS application available at www.studentloans.gov May 1, 2013)

Appeal Forms

  • Financial Aid Appeal Form -Complete and submit this form if you want to appeal your:

    1) Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress; 2) UTC Scholarship and/or 3) HOPE Scholarship. This form is used if you have/had grade/credit hour troubles due to circumstances beyond your control or if you have forfeited the Hope Scholarship due to a drop below full time enrollment (or drop below part time), total withdrawal, or non-continuous enrollment. You may not submit this form if you have lost your HOPE eligibility due to grades.  

  • Graduation Plan - Complete this form and submit along with your Financial Aid Appeal Form only if you are appealing 150%.

  • Unusual Enrollment Appeal Form - Complete this form if you are appealing your failure to earn credits while enrolled at other institutions.  Complete and submit the Unusual Academic Plan Form along with the Unusual Enrollment Appeal Form when requested.

  • 2013-2014 Request for Budget Increase - Complete this form if you are requesting your financial aid cost of attendance allowance (budget) be adjusted due to additional expenses you have or an enrollment increase after the first day of classes.  Note: If requesting additional loans in conjunction with this increase, the Loan Adjustment Request Form must be completed as well.

Other Important Forms

  • Estimate Your Expenses Worksheet: This worksheet can help you to estimate your expenses for the upcoming academic year at UTC

  • HOPE Reinstatement Request Form:  Complete this form if you think you may be eligible to regain the HOPE Scholarship.

  • Concurrent Enrollment Form: (on-line form) Submit this form if you are a degree seeking student at UTC and you want to receive financial aid, but taking classes at another institution.  You must be enrolled as a transient student at the other institution.

  • Verification Opt-Out Form:  Submit this form if you wish to receive only the HOPE Scholarship.  Submitting this form waives the Verification requirement for financial aid.  As a result, the student will not receive any other aid other than HOPE and/or HOPE Merit Supplement.

NOTE: Your MyMocsNet account will be the primary way the UTC Financial Aid Office communicates with you about your financial aid application, including requests for additional documents. It is important that you check your MyMocsNet often.