Enrollment Changes/Withdrawals

Enrollment changes, such as a drop or withdrawal, can affect your financial aid. A drop refers to (a) course/courses that is/are dropped but the student is still enrolled in at least one other course for the given term. In the event that ALL courses are dropped for any given term, a student is considered a complete withdrawal.

  1. If you are enrolled full-time at the start of the semester and are receiving the HOPE Scholarship, you MUST maintain full-time enrollment. If you drop below full-time (12 hours), you automatically forfeit future disbursements of the HOPE Scholarship. The forfeiture will apply to any and all schools that you attend.
  2. You may owe funds back to the University for the return of Title IV funds. 
    • If you withdraw (drop all your classes), you will most likely owe the University funds and part or all of your federal student aid (including Plus loans) will most likely be returned.  You should read the Return of Title IV Funds policy carefully as you consider withdrawing from classes to assist you in your decision.
  3. You may become ineligible to receive financial aid for future terms at UTC.
    • If you withdraw, you may need to appeal your financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress status. Please note that the appeal deadline is generally 7 calendar days prior to the beginning of the semester. 
    • If your appeal is granted, you may be eligible to receive federal funds.  If an appeal is denied, you are automatically ineligible to receive federal funds.  You may appeal again for a later semester.  Appeals are reviewed by a committee and, therefore, your appeal CANNOT be accepted after the published deadline.  You should read the UTC Satisfactory Academic Progress policy and check your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Status on your MyMocsNet Account.  Each time grades post, your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress status is updated.  Notification of your failure to maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress is sent to your UTC email on the day that grades post.  The appeal deadline is 7 calendar days prior to the beginning of the semester.  You may only have a couple of days to appeal.  You may submit an appeal prior to the published deadline if you anticipate that your status may not be satisfactory.
  4. Stafford Loan Borrowers: EVERY time you withdraw or your enrollment changes to less than half-time, you are required to complete Exit Loan Counseling. Please review the federal regulation mandating Exit Loan Counseling, citation 34 CFR 682.604 (g).
  5. Your scholarship may have different requirements. If you are receiving a UTC or departmental scholarship, refer to your original award letter for regulations regarding required GPA and completion of hours.