Weidong Wu

  Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering

  Civil Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator

  Department of Civil, Chemical & General Engineering

 Email  weidong-wu@utc.edu

Phone (423) 425-5822

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 ORCID  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3395-8883

Dr. Weidong Wu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC).  He received his PhD (2008) in Civil Engineering at the University of Mississippi.  Dr. Wu is the Civil Engineering Department Graduate Program Coordinator. He is currently serving as the editorial member and reviewer of Civil Engineering Journal and as a book reviewer for CRC Press. Before joining UTC, Dr. Wu had worked as FEA engineer at a FIAT company in Michigan. Prior to entering US for his PhD degree, he worked for a leading construction company in structural design and construction management in China for four years. His primary interests include intelligent infrastructure, computational mechanics, materials modeling in multiscale, Finite Element applications in civil engineering, and online learning. Dr. Wu is co-PI of an NSF grant and a TN DOT funded project.


University of Mississippi   Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, 2008

Huazhong University of Science & Technology B.S. in Civil Engineering, 1998


  • Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga TN      2013-Present
  • Senior FEA Engineer, Comau Inc.  Southfield MI   2013
  • Postdoc Research Associate, Univeristy of Mississippi    Oxford MS   2008-2012
  • Structural Engineer, Lingyun Tech.   Wuhan China   1999-2003


Fall 2018

  • ENCE 2220  Probability and Statistics for Engineering   Online Based
  • ENCE 5910r  Special Topics in Intelligent Infrastructure  

Summer 2018

  • ENCE 2460 Mechanics of Materials

Previous teaching



  Research Activities

  Mentoring and Advisoring

  • Phillip York, Computer modeling of PLUG for Repaid Repair of Levee Breaches(thesis), Present
  • W. Yang, Damage modeling of RAC by FEM and XFEM (thesis), Graduated
  • A. Batchu, Analysis and Repair of Pretensioned Double Tee Canopy Beam, Graduated
  • T. Haraway, Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Cooling Towers Double Tee Beam Canopy Crack Mechanism and Repair Solutions, Graduated
  • Ausama Hashim, Seismic analysis to retaining wall on HWY 27 using FEA , Graduated

  Research Instrests

  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Computational mechanics
  • Computational modeling of materials
  • Finite Element applications in civil engineering
  • Online learning



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Peer-Reviewed Conferences

  • Wu,W., Owino, J., Fomunung, I. , and Onyango, M.  " Coupling deep learning and UAV for infrastructure condition assessment automation ", Fourth IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), Under Review , 2018
  • Wu,W., Owino, J., Fomunung, I. , and Onyango, M.  " Structural analysis to the innovative hybrid carbon nanotube-graphene sheet nanostructure",  Twenty-fourth International Conference on. COMPOSITES/NANO ENGINEERING (ICCE-24)Haikou, Hainan Island, China July 17-23, 2016
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