CHEM 3710   Physical Chemistry I

FROM LAST TIME TAUGHT (general topics and study suggestions below)



             TOPIC                                                                        EVALUATION

I.           Introduction (overview, gases, first law)                    EXAM I

II.          Thermodynamics                                                       EXAM II

III.        Changes of State                                                         EXAM III

IV.        Equilibrium,  Electrochemistry                                   EXAM IV

V.          Quantum, Kinetics                                           FINAL EXAM (Topics I-IV, and V)


SPECIFIC COURSE COVERAGE          Chapter Topics from Physical Chemistry 6th edition  by P.W. Atkins




I            0                                                      Introduction/ Overview                  

             1.1 - 1.6                 4                        Gases and  [Overview and Problem Solving]

             2.1 - 2.9                 3                        Work and Heat, First Law, and Thermochemistry


II           3.1 - 3.3                 3                        First Law Applications

             4.1 - 4.7                 3                        Entropy and Second Law

             5.1 - 5.6                 3                        Fundamental Equation, Gibbs Function


III         6.1 - 6.6                 1                        Phases and Pure Materials

             7.1 - 7.7                 3                        Mixtures and Colligative Properties

             8.1 - 8.7                 2                        Phases and Multicomponent Systems


IV         9.1 - 9.3                 2                        Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium

             10.1 - 10.5, 10.9    3                        Ions, Electrodes and Electrochemical Cells


V           11.1 - 11.6             3                        Quantum Theory

             12.1 -12.2              1                        Quantum Mechanics and Translational Motion

             25.1 - 25.8             3                        Chemical Kinetics



STUDY SUGGESTIONS   To do as well as possible in Physical Chemistry you must:



Come to every class ready to participate in learning                        

Read textbook prior to discussion in class of the material

Learn notes by writing out and testing your knowledge of notes from previous class prior to next class

Work at least nine hours a week outside class on the lecture portion of this class

Schedule specific study times and places - at least 4 times a week

Work problems- homework and sample problems in text

Write down questions from book and notes - get answers

Make up questions and test yourself

Prepare for lab and apply lab knowledge to lecture and lecture knowledge to lab