This dossier for promotion to Full Professor at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) contains below supporting information divided in three sections: Research and Scholarly Activities, Teaching and Advising Activities, and Service Activities. In addition, you can find a subset of the dossier, named promotion folder, containing various documents including my current CV. At the bottom of the page there are the current UTC Faculty Hanbook, the College of Arts and Sciences Bylaws and Departamental Bylaws, which are the documents descriebing the requirements for promotion at UTC. 

UTC is a primarily undergraduate institution. The Department of Chemistry and Physics offers a BS degree in Chemistry, with three different concentrations, but it does not offer a graduate program.  My typical teaching load, per semester, includes one big General Chemistry lecture, either two sections of Physical Chemistry labs in Fall or a Physical Chemistry class in Spring, and research courses. The number of teaching students per semester is around 100-150, which yields around 300 contact hours per semester.  Since we don't have graduate TAs, I do all the grading. While managing teaching responsibility, I continue to carry out multidisciplinary research projects involving undergraduate Chemistry majors as described in the Research and Scholarship Activity section of my dossier.  I have also been performing a wide range of service activities in the department and the university as well as outside of the university as documented in the Service section. 


Promotion Folder

UTC Tenure/Promotion Folder Checklist

Curriculum Vitae

Executive Summary (1 page limit)

Summary of all EDO Evaluations

Student Ratings of Faculty (included also as separate documents in the Teaching part of the dossier)

Appointment and Reappointments Letters

Peer Evaluation of Teaching



Research and Scholarly Activities

Teaching and Advising Activities

Service Activities


Annual Evaluations - Evaluation and Development by Objectives (EDO)


Additional Official Documents

UTC Faculty Handbook

College of Arts and Science Bylaws

Department of Chemistry and Physics Bylaws