Research Overview

The focus of my research is on porous materials which intersect the multidisciplinary fields of solar energy harvesting, thermal energy storage and water harvesting. I aim to bring about transformational efficiency enhancements in energy conversion and storage, buildings, water, and transportation by manipulating optical, thermal, and adsorptive properties of porous materials with device level considerations. I have a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary collaborations with engineers, chemists, physicists, and material scientists. The focus of my research efforts will be directed towards both: 1) fundamental research on developing new class of hybrid materials for efficient energy conversions and storages, and 2) applied research on devices and systems including for full spectrum solar energy conversion, thermal energy storage, water harvesting, and energy efficient buildings.


Research Area

Water Harvester

1. Water harvesting, 2. Adsorption dyanamics study

Water Harvester

H. Kim, S. Yang, S. Narayanan, H. Furukawa, J. Jiang, A. Umans, O. Yaghi and E. Wang, Harvesting Water from Humid Air using Metal-Organic Frameworks,, Science (2017)

A Rieth, S Yang, E Wang, M Dinca, Record Atmospheric Fresh Water Capture and Heat Transfer with a Material Operating at the Water Uptake Reversibility Limit, ACS Cent. Sci., 3 (6), pp 668–672 (2017)

Solar Thermal Conversion

1. Silica aerogel as seletive transparent Thermal filter, 2. Solar-thermal converter, 3. Energy efficient building


L. Zhao, S. Yang, B. Bhatia, E. Strobach and E. Wang, Modeling silica aerogel optical performance by determining its radiative properties, AIP Advances 6, 025123 (2016)

E Strobach, B Bhatia, S Yang, L Zhao, EN Wang, High temperature annealing for structural optimization of silica aerogels in solar thermal applications, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 462, 72-77 (2017)

Thermal Energy Storage

1. Graphene and 3D-graphene work, 2. Advanced thermal battery


S Yang, X Huang, G Chen, EN Wang, Three-Dimensional Graphene Enhanced Heat Conduction of Porous Crystals, Journal of Porous Materials (In press)