group members 

We are The Yang Group at UTC.

Lisa PhanMy name is Lisa Phan and I'm a student at UTC majoring in Chemical Engineering. I like traveling and baking.








 Eathan LeeMy name is Eathan Lee, I am a Chemical Engineering major, in my junior year, who is interested in possibly pursuing research inside or outside of academia. I am on this research team to get some experience in research outside of normal coursework. 







Evan PatrickMy name is Evan Patrick. I'm a chemical engineering undergraduate at UTC. When I'm not involved in school work or undergraduate research, I'm working with the ChemECar team, reading, or playing with my band Moon Hollow.








evangMy name is Evan Gildernew. My Grandfather purchased a chemistry set for me when I was 9 and we completed experiments at his dining room table for many years. My Father ran a construction company from which I drew many materials, this allowed my chemistry experiments to continue well into high school culminating in the construction of a reflux column and an FM radio transmitter. I graduated from Covenant College with History and Psychology degrees and a goal to go into counseling but ended up working at an Investment Advisory firm. Three years ago I decided I wanted to change the course of my life and started completing the requirements for a Chemical Engineering degree with a minor in Chemistry. I have always been drawn to research and when I heard Dr. Yang's research goals I knew I wanted to be a part of the work. My current research project is in the adsorption modeling of water. I tutor Chemistry at McCallie school and work as youth director for East Ridge Presbyterian Church. I enjoy road cycling and kayaking.


Hannah-Rose MargavioHannah Margavio is a sophomore chemical engineering major in the Brock Scholars program. An avid fan of mathematics and physics, she is especially interested in fuel sustainability and efficiency in energy consumption. Outside of academia, you may find her playing with cats, singing, or hiking in the mountains.






Deji I'm Oladeji Akinniyi and I'm a chemical engineering graduate student in my final year at UTC. My research entails the development of a model to simulate the heat and vapor transport processes involved in an adsorption/desorption based climate control system for the purposes of selecting suitable metal-organic frameworks for optimal performance. I enjoy playing pick-up basketball in my spare time. I also enjoy watching soccer and I'm searching for a team to be a part of. I enjoy playing pick-up basketball in my spare time. I also enjoy watching soccer and I'm searching for a team to be a part of.