SCAL News - 2016

ieeDr. Sartipi was elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior member. IEEE Senior Membership is an    honor bestowed only to those who have made significant contributions to the profession. - December 2016




Our paper on "Fall Recognition using Wearable Technology and Machine Learning" was presented at the IEEE Big Data Conference in Washington D.C. by Austin - December 2016





utclogoOur project on “Post Stroke Management Using Hospital Data and Big Data Analytics” has been funded by UTC, Collaborative Research Initiative for Sponsored Programs (CRISP). This is in collaboration with Dr. Fell, Dr. Heath, Dr. Hu, and Dr. Qayyum. - November 2016


Jin presented a talk on "Big Data Analytics for Smart Health" at the ACM Mid-South Conference. He was awarded first place in the graduate students presentation. - November 2016



acmAustin presented a talk on "Activity Recognition using Wearable Technology and Machine Learning" at the ACM mid-South Conference. - November 2016





Our research was featured in the White House News Release: Transportation: The Administration is announcing more than $15 million in new grants and planned funding to evolve the future of urban transportation, including National Science Foundation (NSF) funding for researchers in Chattanooga to test, for the first time, how an entire urban network of connected and autonomous vehicles can automatically cooperate to improve travel efficiency and operate safely during severe weather events.”

Our project on “Collaborative Research: Robust Asset-and-User-Aware Dispatch of the Power Distribution Grid during Extreme Temperatures” has been funded by NSF – August 2016




MinaDr. Sartipi was announced as a Program Leader for Urban Science & Technology at UTC – July 2016





Rebekah ThompsonRebekah Thompson joined SCAL as an graduate student to do the user interface of the mStroke App. She is co-advised by Dr. Nancy Fell – May 2016



Hector SuarezHector Suarez joined SCAL as an graduate student to do research on security and HIPPA compliance. He is co-advised by Dr. Li Yang – May 2016




edEdward was awarded the best postdoctoral award at the Computer Science and Engineering Department – April 2016




edEdward presented a talk on “Machine Learning and Its Engineering Applications” at the department seminar session – March 2016





MinaDr. Sartipi was awarded the UTC Outstanding Faculty Research and Creative Achievement award – March 2016





edOur paper on “Flexible Data Acquisition, Compression, and Reconstruction in Advanced Metering Infrastructure” was presented at the Clemson University Power Systems Conference – March 2016




MinaDr. Sartipi was presented at the NSF Future Wireless Cities Workshop, “Future Wireless GigCity in Chattanooga, TN” – February 2016





MinaDr. Sartipi was presented at the NSF Workshop on Applications and Services in the Year 2021, “Dark Factory – The next Generation of Smart Manufacturing”January 2016




JinJin graduated with a Bachelor degree and promoted to a graduate research assistant at SCAL –