Predictive Analysis of Accidents and Weather 

Motor Vehicle Accidents per Emergency Call Data

One of the many potential hazards facing modern drivers is the variability of weather. In order to combat this hazard, we in the SCAL research group are conducting a project to find the correlations between injuries sustained from vehicular accidents and weather occurrences. After receiving 911 accident call reports from the Hamilton County Emergency Communications District, we proceeded to gather weather data from local weather stations in Hamilton County to discover weather conditions pertaining to each call report. These reports included variables such as temperature, weekday, the weather condition during the accident, and hour. Currently, the team is working on implementing daily received 911 Accident Reports into our study to build a more robust prediction system. By creating a predictive model, we will be able to inform drivers of the current weather conditions and give them a preemptive warning of certain weather occurrences that may yield to a higher chance of a damaging accident occurring.