Biderman's PSY 2010 - Introductory Statistics - Course Materials

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Lecture Notes

Psychology 2010 Syllabus

Psychology 2010 Lecture  1 Notes:  Introduction - Ch 1

Psychology 2010 Lecture  2 Notes:  Frequency Distributions - Ch 2

Psychology 2010 Lecture  3 Notes:  Summation Notation

Psychology 2010 Lecture  4 Notes:  Central Tendency Ch 3

Psychology 2010 Lecture  5 Notes:  Variability Ch 3

Psychology 2010 Lecture 6 Notes:  Standard Scores Ch 4

Psychology 2010 Lecture 7 Notes:  Normal Distribution Ch 4

Psychology 2010 Lecture 8 Notes:  Samples and Sampling Distributions Ch 5

Psychology 2010 Lecture 9 Notes:  Probability Ch 5

Psychology 2010 Lecture 10 Notes:  Hypothesis Testing Ch 6

Psychology 2010 Lecture 11 Notes:  Single-Sample t Test Ch 7

Psychology 2010 Lecture 12 Notes:  Two population t Tests Ch 8 & 9

Psychology 2010 Lecture 13 Notes:  Analysis of Variance Ch 10

Psychology 2010 Lecture 14 Notes:  Chi-square tests Ch 15

Psychology 2010 Lecture 15 Notes:  Correlation Ch 13

Psychology 2010 Lecture 16 Notes:  Simple regression Ch 14


Homework Assignments

Homework 1 Goshzilla

Homework 2 Summation, Standard Scores

Homework 3 Normal Distribution, Probability

Homework 4 One population Z test

Homework 5 One population t-tests

Homework 6 Two population t-tests

Homework 7 One-Way ANOVA

Homework 8 Chi-square

Homework 9 Correlation / Regression


Corty Hypothesis Testing Answer Sheet


Extra Credit Homework Assignment

Test Information

Test 1 Information

Test 2 Information

Test 3 Information


Data Files

Menu Sequence to SPSS Example files

Employee Data.sav


1000 Cases.sav

1991 US General Social Survey.sav

ATV Helmet Data.sav



Frosh Sample.sav

Salary Survey.sav


GSS93 Subset

High Fiber Cereals

Home Sales by neighborhood

House Prices

Inclass Movie Preferences

Road construction Bids



Miscellaneous Stuff

Manual, Chapter 1

Manual, Chapter 2

Getting a copy of SPSS

Power Tables

p-value Tables

Normal Distribution Table

Standard Deviation Computation Worksheet