Courses Taught:mfs1a


Chemistry 4510: Biochemistry


Surveys the chemical aspects of protein and enzyme function, bioenergetics,
metabolism, photosynthesis, nucleic acid function, and protein biosynthesis.

Fall semester. Prerequisite: Chemistry 3020 with a grade of C or better.


Chemistry 4530: Protein and Nucleic Acids


Designed for students interested in advanced studies in biochemistry, molecular biology, and related medical sciences. Lectures will extensively cover materialsuch as biochemical reactions, amino acid and peptide metabolism, protein function, nucleic acid base metabolism, nucleic acid function, and enzyme kinetics. The laboratory will be an introduction to modern biochemical techniques. Spring semester. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 3 hours. Prerequisites: Biology 3250, Chemistry 3710 and 4510 with grades of C or better in each course. Laboratory/Studio course fee will be assessed.


Chemistry 1110: General Chemistry


Surveys chemical principles involving structure, properties and reactions. Every semester. Lecture 3 hours. Ability to perform algebraic calculations is necessary for success. A self-assessment of skills is available on the departmental website, Corequisite: Chemistry 1110L.


Chemistry 2810: Scientific Communication



Chemistry 4995: Departmental Thesis


The Chemistry Department strongly recommends that all senior departmental
thesis projects be preceded by a ten-week summer research project or by two
semesters of departmental research in Chemistry 4997. Between 5 and 10 clock
hours of research per week are expected for 4995r credit. Prerequisite: approval of
Chemistry Department. See Departmental Honors. Student must submit an
Individual Studies/ Research Contract to the Registrar at the time of registration.


Chemistry 4997: Research


Laboratory research under staff supervision. Oral summary or written report of
results required each semester of credit. Students should confer with instructor
prior to registration. Every semester. Laboratory 6 hours. Prerequisite: approval of
department head. Student must submit an Individual Studies/Research Contract to
the Registrar at the time of registration.


USTU 4998 - Individual Studies (Pre-Medical Elective Program)


This program consists of a three semesters, and students will receive a Certificate of Completion from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga. The aim of the course is to develop a structured experience for UTC pre-med students to expose them to the medical field by providing them with defined educational and research opportunities at UTCOMC and Erlanger Health System.  It is hoped that this structured program will better prepare the UTC students for a career in medicine and improve their applications to medical school.


USTU 1250 - First Year Experience


STEM 3020  - Research Methods in Science

Recent developments and research methods in science. Every semester. Limited to STEM students only. No credit toward Education degree. Prerequisites: Admission to STEM program; university, STEM, and major department grade point averages of at least 2.5; ENGL 1020 or UHON 1020, an approved general education statistics course and completion of all 1000-level major courses with a minimum grade of C; STEM 2020 with a minimum grade of C or Co-Director approval.