Manuel F. Santiago Ph.D.                                                      



The courses I teach are General Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Research. When you click area of teaching, you will find information that will assist you before and while taking the class. My teaching focus is to ensure your understanding of chemistry so as to gain an appreciation for the world around you. Critical thinking is my teaching theme developing an individual that will be an active contributor to any organization. The development of an enthusiastic student is accomplished by providing challenging courses that motivate them to further investigate the subject.


My research focuses on nucleic acid, protein, and/or carbohydrate metabolism. The work uses bacterial cells as the model of choice to replicate eukaryotic cells. The ultimate goal is to publish and present the results in peer reviewed journals and present at National as well as Regional Chemical Conferences.


It is important to support the goals and objectives of the department and university. With a sound commitment, the institution will improve providing an environment for student learning.

Semester Schedule