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Kidambi (Sree) Sreenivas, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering & SimCenter

 Dr. Kidambi Sreenivas is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering.  He has been active in the area of unstructured, multi-physics flow solvers since 1996. Prior to this, his focus was in the area of structured flow solver development with applications to acoustics and stability of turbomachinery. Dr. Sreenivas pioneered the capability to enable rotating machinery simulations using unstructured meshes. Additionally, he has developed pre-conditioners that enable simulations of fluids with non-ideal equations of state. Dr. Sreenivas has applied these advanced capabilities to solve real-world problems involving complex geometry and complex physics. The range of applications include maneuvering submarines and surface ships, simulations of wind farms, multi-stage turbomachinery, improvement in aerodynamic efficiency of Class 8 trucks, particle deposition within the human respiratory system, contaminant dispersal through urban environments, and embedded propulsion systems. Dr. Sreenivas has worked closely with researchers from NASA, Navy, Department of Energy and various private companies and has transitioned the latest developments to provide them with advanced flow simulation capabilities.