UTC Master Chorale

Master Chorale 2013 Kevin Moore graduate student conducting

In the Summer term of 2004 a new chorus was started with the idea to combine UTC undergraduate and graduate students with active non-university singers in the Chattanooga area community. This chorus provides an ensemble for the Music Masters students who are teachers and find it difficult to participate in an ensemble during the fall and spring terms and it also gives Chattanooga area singers an advanced ensemble to participate in during the summer months when most of the civic choruses are taking time off. Membership in the UTC Master Chorale include members of the Chattanooga Bach Choir, Chattanooga Choral Arts, the Chattanooga Symphony Chorus and may area church choirs along with UTC and Cadek Conservatory faculty and students. The mixture of the younger singers with more mature voices produces an ensemble with power that is capable of performing works that might not be as feasible with only younger voices. The chorus focuses on usually one major work with organ and other smaller works depending on the year.

The UTC Master Chorale is a chorus that meets once per year to provide an advanced ensemble experience during summer term. Admission is open to any student through audition and normal registration process. However, admission is also open to any interested community singer with no registration necessary, just an audition. Requirements are a love of and commitment to singing, consistent attendance at rehearsals and performances and a willingness to work toward a performance of the highest quality possible. Rehearsals begin 7:00 PM and the first week the rehearsals are in Cadek Hall Room 310 then they move to the concert location.

Master Chorale 2004