Teaching Philosophy

The goal of teaching is for the student to learn.  I believe that there are several objectives a teacher and the students must complete successfully for this goal to be achieved.  The teacher must be able to motivate, challenge and help the students achieve the goal of learning.

  • For a student to be motivated they must feel confident that they will be able to succeed.  One of the most, I think, rewarding comments that I have received from students is "You mean the problem is that easy".  These kinds of comments only come about if the teacher is well prepared, enthusiastic and patient with his students.  I have enjoyed success because I prepare well and I am very patient with my students.
  • Students are challenged by examples, homework sets and exams that incorporate more than one way of solving a particular problem.  I try to discourage as much as possible the so-called "plug and chug".  While there are certain instances that this cannot be avoided, I try to make my students think independently.
  • A teacher should be accessible to his students.  I make it a point to keep prompt office hours over and above the posted office hours.
  • The student should also do his part by being prepared, work hard and maintain high ethics.

I have a great deal of love for teaching and I am excited to be associated with teaching institutions such as UTC.

Courses Taught

ENGR 2460 - Mechanics of Materials

ENGR 2460L - Mechanics of Materials Laboratory

ENGR 460 - Structural Engineering Analysis and Design

ENGR 462 - Soil Mechanics, Foundation and Substructures

ENGR 461 - Foundation Analysis and Design

ENGR 362 - Transportation I

ENGR 463 - Structural Analysis II

ENGR 468 - Elementary Structural Matrix Methods

ENGR 364 - Structural Analysis I

ENCE 3640 - Structural Analysis I

ENCE 3400 - Civil Engineering Materials

ENCE 3680 - Design of Reinforced Concrete

ENCE 4680 - Design of Steel Structures

ENCE 4500 - Civil Engineering Design Project

ENCE 5420 - Finite Element Analysis

ENGR 5600 - Statically Indeterminate Structures

ENGR 5999 - Masters' Thesis