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  "Life is something like a trumpet. If you don't put anything in, you won't get anything out."
William Christopher Handy



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UTC TAPS Project
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Broughton's "Oliver's Birthday" with the U.S. Navy Band Brass Quintet
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Turrin's "In Memoriam"
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Goedicke's "Concert Etude"
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Plog's "Animal Ditties"

2017 TAPS Project participants

2017 UTC TAPS Project participants


Our 2nd annual TAPS Project was a success.  19 trumpeters performed "Taps" in sequence on campus in honor of Veterans' Day.  It was an incredibly moving event for all involved and for all who listened.  Participants spanned many generations.  


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Timothy Clark - senior, attended Dade County HS, music education major,

Bryce Howard - freshman, attended Sale Creek HS, business major,

Natalie Kruse - freshman, attended Brentwood HS, undecided major,

Zachary Langley - senior, attended Dade County HS, music education major,

Seth Moulton - sophomore, attended Lincoln County HS, music education major,

Dr. Schafer -